Delay and mage confront hype question: MOE is a kind of practice (FIG.)

delay mage in emeishan monkey playing with refs. (video capture)

delay and mage is calligraphy for a charity event.

@ delay and mage: little student asked me, master, wuhan snack? I told him that reduce weight people ask this is for their own is a kind of torture, ha ha! Wuhan wuhan snack, hot-and-dry noodles, blessing!

[reporters follow]

& other; Big wuhan sportsmen, rope life (life) gathers here well guess (excellent), rope life (life) gathers here to sway (brilliant) & throughout; . Yesterday, extending and mage to han held in wuhan to yuan temple & other; The power of art & throughout; Charitable educational activities, in the face of wuhan fans, with authentic hebei cangzhou words again, he took a sprout.

wuhan snack to eat only overheating cracker dough

yesterday, talked about the trip to wuhan, delay the mage said happily, although many times before to han, but was in a hurry. On this time, came to the Yangtze river and hanjiang river, the yellow crane tower feel wuhan is really a beautiful landscape city. He noted that impression of wuhan is very good, think wuhan studious diligence. Wuhan is a city peace, the people of happiness. For wuhan snack, he admits only eaten in weibo & mentioned other Hot-and-dry noodles & throughout; .

calm in the face of steep profits question

recently, the frequent delay to participate in the “day day up” and “perfect release” hunan satellite TV programs. On the show, can let more people know his idea of zen. & other; Although very busy, but many programs are concentrated in a few days to record, most of the time or at the temple. Throughout the &; He told reporters. Except for disciple teaching philosophy, every day to see “news broadcast”, practicing mandarin, focus on current affairs, some records will be tweeting.

& other; The reason why I & lsquo; Fire & rsquo; , or because in the monkey playing with video. Throughout the &; In the face of said he and other Steep profits, and the pursuit of one & throughout; Question, delay and mage very calm, and other As a family, if we can resolve disputes, there is time to up and TV also it doesn’t matter & ndash; & ndash; Said social beauty, warmth and promote charity & throughout; .

don’t let the Internet after 9 p.m. disciples

& other; I am not far away, you are very real, I am willing to do your years of bosom friends. I were you, happiness, sadness, disappointment, hope, strong, weak, passing, forget, life of the listener. A text message. Open direct messages. The blacklist is zero. Friend, really. Throughout the &; This is a of delay and the mage weibo, also write about the purpose of the mage open weibo. Forward his weibo, almost every day thousands of comments on hundreds, he also received nearly one thousand private message. His sina weibo has more than 2.16 million fans.

& other; Every day I send dozens of weibo, disciple after 9 PM every day won’t let me get to the Internet. Throughout the &; Delay and mage admitted that he is a fashion technology enthusiasts. & other; To the new science and technology, we use it to faster transfer of dharma, combine Chinese traditional culture and the new technology may be & throughout; .