Density to throw 500000 mo yan repaired former review: offense against culture of silly things

mo yan cultural meaning is just the old home. Soil wall, gray tiles, old-fashioned wooden lattice Windows, and broken lives, is the most real.

mo yan after winning, mo yan want to take home, how to repair, has become a problem.

it is reported that mo yan after winning, local management committee submitted a plan, plans to spend 500000 yuan for the former to repair. But the 90 – year – old mo yan father GuanYiFan told China news agency reporters in an interview, & other; Mo yan is from sorghum ground to go out, through their own hard writing became famous. Don’t agree to repair last year, took the award for this year, also won’t agree with you. So too make public, be low profile, we ourselves can be repaired. Throughout the &;

density want to borrow, mo yan’s fame development is not a day for two days. Since that time, the local revealed some of the development plan, was the question of public opinion. If this is not to some government agencies and local official consciousness, then, renovation, mo yan’s this matter, former residence is necessary to continue to chatter.

500000 renovation, mo yan, former residence is likely to do things as an offense against culture. 500000 in shandong province rural can build a completely. Mo yan’s former residence is not big, also don’t know the local to how to spend on the house, to take 500000. The money is to mo yan pushed over in the home, according to the reconstruction of antique Ming and qing dynasty architectural style again, I’m afraid can’t finish the flowers. Murphy, and on this basis, the former mo yan home into a garden-like buildings?

now, mo yan cultural meaning is just the old home. Soil wall, gray tiles, old-fashioned wooden lattice Windows, and broken lives, is the most real. MoYanGu is not rich, also there is no need to outsiders to cover up the shabby home. The present homestead, basic is presented, mo yan’s youth living conditions is very good. Also is such, many tourists come to get feeling, only feel real, to plug in a historical sense.

if the local invested heavily, mo yan renovated former residence to blossom, rather like the flower of the offense against culture, tan pants, between the streetscape. This is equivalent to the real mo yan lives ruined.

and, have to say is, mo yan is still home housekeeper private property. Would you like to repair or the mo yan family. The lawful private property is inviolable, also means that the housekeeper think renovation renovation, don’t think don’t repair, repair, of course, they also have the right to decide who spend money to repair. Therefore, local governments even for the best, to give somebody else’s renovation, as long as the mo yan’s father does not agree, it will not be able to do.

besides, local in 500000 after the renovation, mo yan who is the former residence? If it’s butler, is equivalent to gave to the private and public funding the state-owned assets loss? If the housekeeper is old curtilage to take up, whether it is a kind of to the whims of myopia? Should know, because after mo yan won the Nobel Prize, the housekeeper is old curtilage already has the cultural value, the value of cannot reoccupy money calculation, of course also cannot according to the market value of local ordinary houses.

this paragraph of time, has been worthy of appreciation is mo yan family duty, guileless, low-key. Some government agencies, local officials, and mood.according itching to mo yan and Nobel lift. This free ride is not can’t take, the key depends on how to build. No culture, no hard horizontally climbed into the car, I’m afraid the posture ugly is a joke.

– the Beijing news commentator Yu Deqing