Descendants of the royal women most want to marry a poor: the chairman MAO’s deep feelings

Beijing, Beijing on September 27 (reporter Zhang Zhongjiang) soon after the qing royal descendants of the former life is what kind of? 27 a campaign, niece recall the circumstances such as: family woman, is willing to marry was born poor. Stuck hard days, was also in children & other; The full moon & throughout; When the rain rushed to pick up leaves to eat.

written by jia documentary literature in late qing dynasty famous writer of “the last emperor of the very life” and “the last emperor sister Yun He”, “the last imperial uncle tao”, “the last of the prince’s maternal uncle embellish jiaqi” and so on four & other; Throughout the last royal &; Next, by the people’s literature publishing house published recently. 27, this series of book conference held in Beijing residence of soong ching ling.

the day’s new book conference was held at the residence of soong ching ling don’t have. This is the family home, a former university of pearl palace garden, for his father after alcohol pro Wang Yi e ? ? 1/2 level palace garden, then became the last emperor pu yi’s father, prince of alcohol being palace Pu yi was born in the yard.

most want to marry a poor man who takes a

on the day of the event, the reporter saw & other; Former royal & throughout; When all are such as ordinary old man, meet polite greetings, speak with humble attitude. If not was introduced, it is hard to imagine that the common man, in the near decades ago, their parents and grandparents lived in the palace court order, control the fate of the end of the dynasty.

the last imperial uncle tao’s granddaughter as set out in the ailing Yao recalls, his small parents died. Grandpa like yourself, with holding great granddaughter, even the bike a little personal guidance. He had brought himself to the meeting today, namely the prince chun fu to inquire once a year.

corrected the gold brume Yao says there is a big change. More original courtyard, at that time is quite beautiful.

but gold brume Yao in grandpa’s time is not long, she joined the army at age 15 south, understanding of the feudal family also not many.

children & other; The full moon & throughout; Eat vegetable

Guo Manre was born in 1945, was in high school & other; 9 & throughout; , when the work was awarded senior teachers and join the party activists. She recalled, because he was born in this family, was classified as & other Bad & throughout; So special want to find a three generations of the poor man & other; GongWu class & throughout; Husband, thoroughly remould oneself, sever ties with home.

later to find her husband poor to what degree? Guo Manre said marriage was had no money for a wedding, also have no money to a dinner party. Two people live in a small house, the two single bed together, no furniture. Later born children & other; The full moon & throughout; When her husband’s mother have to go to all the money. The heavy rain that day, have market leftovers Ye Chong come over, just get up and eat that.

Guo Manre to chairman MAO, premier zhou special deep feelings. She affectionately recalls, was premier zhou couples in XiHuaTing host parents and qing imperial house family dinner, and took a group photo with you. His father works in a funeral club, down to the factory for a period of time when the fitter. Three years of disasters, premier zhou sent me jinhua ham back to their parents. Himself had never seen that kind of ham, also asked his mother what it is.

precious portrait hidden in her dowry

late illustrate experts, once grandnephew, is the central painting and calligraphy institute, vice President of the root, and recalled his sister to fall in love. He said the time family because the historical background in the mind have a heavy burden, so in love are looking for poor farmers. Brother-in-law is in the countryside, and later joined the army as a soldier, gathers after stay in Beijing. When I heard the young man was born good, someone hit it off.

property during the cultural revolution, the root is the mother of embroider cheongsam will be a big do dowry to his sister. Sister came home found the pearl of the empress dowager cixi and emperor guangxu and university.

a few years later, the root is the elder sister to talk about this topic, the feeling at that time, if not mother, these precious portrait is destroyed.

qing imperial house’s and Ye He the Laplace hatred not generation

the root is also emphasized in the day, in the past there was a misunderstanding, is that the qing imperial house’s and Ye He the Laplace two family is from generation to generation in history have hatred. Actually not so from historical facts, this is the idea of drama and literature tradition.

, he reckons, it should be said that the qing imperial house’s and Ye He the Laplace two families of family heritage from generation to generation.