Designer Wang Kaifang latest device for toilet bath crock wedding

Beijing, Beijing on September 30 (xinhua liu huan) 29, located in Beijing 751 d & middot; Park, the first workshop, 6 red bedstead & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; Distribution of a stepped into the field, let a person feel strong sense of art and Chinese amorous feelings. This is the famous crossover is water of designer Wang Kaifang & ndash; & ndash; XTIME wedding. X represents the unknown, curiosity and longing for the future, TIME represents the TIME of eternity. This device shows, aims to hold wedding for the fashion novel modelling defends bath composition, reflect the pairs & other; New & throughout; Together for the future exploration of the world.

the art show, Beijing design week of drama. By & other; Zhongyu sanitary ware & throughout; Newly introduced Italian designer products combining Wang Kaifang unique artistic concept, for the audience a strange and mysterious & other; Throughout the wedding &; .

ethereal music, 6 for & other; New & throughout; One by one, shiny, delicate appearance, elegant inner, immediately become the focus of all. Wedding, is the best collective party; Bridal chamber, is the happiest, private space. Wang Kaifang grasp product connotation and soul, that gives a kind of life and the attitude of life, and that is: love and romance!


wedding & other; The bride and groom & throughout; , is a kind of personalized, practical, quality, fashionable way of life. In Wang Kaifang device art exhibition, the function of the product that defend bath is not only a shelter evil people and practices, and can also be docking good emotional imagination, docking and grade of contemporary art, emotion and life, docking and docking of love.

the XTIME young is a high-end fashion brand, is Italy’s top master design tailor-made for 25 ~ 35 young people. They pursue fashion and personality, the pursuit of romantic emotional appeal, like to try new things. Products using the latest Italian design concept, combined with intelligent science and technology, human body engineering and fashion & ndash; & ndash; All touching LCD screen, thermostatic waterfall water bath, bath crock with iPhone music interface, is reflected the different side.

the scene each kind of modelling is assigned a exclusive meaning, there is the result of city transportation & other Okada DORA & throughout; Aristocratic luxury, elegant & other; The duke & throughout; And lithe and graceful & other lines; Dame & throughout; , modelling chic & other; The Leaning Tower of Pisa & throughout; . The whole design broke the previous drab feeling, make the toilet, bath crock is endowed with the vitality, full of strong breath of modern art.