Dialogue postmodernism literature standard-bearer of Japan: “we are altman generation”

shimada masahiko clearance on the balcony of my hotel to interview shows a baseball posture. Yang Mingyu figure

shimada masahiko clearance on the balcony of my hotel to interview shows a baseball posture. Yang Mingyu figure

recently, Japanese writer shimada masahiko and China sun dew in the Shanghai library for a field called & other; Literature and future urban & throughout; The dialogue, the activity is also the book fair in Shanghai week one of the series of activities of the international literature. Before the activity, shimada masahiko the constantly challenge Japan’s social taboos writer had an interview with the morning paper reporter.

in yesterday called & other; Literature and future urban & throughout; Dialogue, shimada said masahiko, now Japanese literature basically all in Tokyo for the stage, & other; For urban stage mostly peasant, the character of the novel by the country came to Tokyo, so the story often describe farm how rural people on the way of life, become a popular mode of writing. Throughout the &;

but shimada said masahiko, if can be in 2000 or 4000 interval to observe this title for the land of Tokyo, Tokyo combination to the novel, can reflect the regionality of the novel. & other; The former system has exceeded the use fixed number of year, axis of the world is moving east and Asia, including Japan, east Asia and in return, the restoring ancient ways. Throughout the &; & other; People in this historical turning point, the principle of return to the past, to the personal creation of free culture’s era of glory. Throughout the &;

in an interview with a virtual masahiko put yourself in the whole generation of Japanese literature is to locate, and humor to describe different s born writers can be made from different animated films, such as like himself is this batch of writers born in the 20th century 60 s & other; Known as the Ottoman generation & throughout; .

ryunosuke JiangPing committee is the most hated ishihara

the Oriental morning post: you read the university is Russian, it is very strange for a Japanese experience, then how can make the choice?

shimada masahiko: in college, the world is still in the cold war, it was two giants, so feel learn Russian is better, it will be too. Later, the collapse of the Soviet union has little chance to use the Russian language.

the Oriental morning post: you was born in 1961, this year’s Shanghai international book fair several invited writers are born in the 1960 s, writers have war experience before you, after you writer experience low in Japan, you think of your generation writers special place in where?

shimada masahiko: do so, so do distinguish between our Japanese writer is animation to distinguish, for example, we were called the ultraman generation behind one generation is false face knight, then the space battleship yamato generation, and mobile suit gundam, evangelion, etc. So our policy is to distinguish between popular culture and subculture. Our generation is really lucky to a certain extent, today’s young people are poor, they grow s is the years of economic decline. We didn’t directly take part in the war, but our parents and grandparents will often speak of the war, for them it is the most painful thing, death, hungry, and so on. So can’t say we has nothing to do with the war.

the Oriental morning post: but your generation and political really not too big relations, the student movement in the 1960 s, for example, you didn’t participate, not as haruki murakami keep on student movement.

shimada masahiko: that’s because Japan since the 1980 s, the student movement disappeared, only recently begun to revive some, such as the anti-nuclear movement, but in fact is not intense, compared with South Korea, as there is no movement. Japan’s overall more prosperous, stable society, so you won’t go to do these things, in the society also has a lot of fun.

the Oriental morning post: you are his prize judges, China’s top prize maodun literature prize has just been announced, and then there are a lot of controversy, what do you think of controversy in the literature selection?

shimada masahiko: Japanese people don’t actually care about literature. There are ten judges in his prize, one of them is shintaro ishihara, I hate shintaro ishihara, wish him an early death.

the Oriental morning post: now you are his award prize judges, can be in the twenty years, you lost his prize for many times, this kind of relationship is very complicated?

shimada masahiko: first out is more than 20 years ago, I won’t for 20 years ago. When don’t let me get prize judges died, and almost every one except shintaro ishihara. His award twice a year to choose the opportunity, I want to be able to keep the diversity of the award, hope that the elected people have a variety of style rather than a single style.

new is a condensed version of Japanese history

the Oriental morning post, the new book “the prince”, in vain you speak of is actually the history of the emperor of Japan and the emperor system, before you wrote “endless Canon” is also about the imperial family, use literature to describe the imperial family or taboo now?

shimada masahiko: in Japan, there is a period of time to write the imperial family is taboo. In the past, such as emperor, hirohito, the emperor is not to let ordinary people contact, because before he was 45 years old, he is equal to the existence of god, and is not a real human. But hirohito relationship between war, how to treat the emperor later has two sides, the left was against TianHuangZhi, while the right is support, between the two parties attack each other. So during that time, no one wrote the emperor. After the death of emperor, hirohito, Japanese media have decade rarely mentioned hirohito as anything. Emperor akihito now with a lot of liberal education after the war, and he lived in the United States before, so thought more open. Japan is reported for the first time, describing the imperial family thing in Japan’s crown prince naruhito and crown princess masako married, the crown prince also issued a public speech, it is the first time the Japanese public discussion of Japan’s imperial family. I book the endless cannon was also published at that time. In after the novel was published, a fortune-teller soothsayers said to me, I am out of the book will certainly right-wing attacks.

the Oriental morning post: later in trouble?

shimada masahiko: actually never met this kind of attack, but because of this rumor is very broad, at that time the police often patrol near to my place. At that time, the patrol policemen in some people or my readers, also think I’m a little bit dangerous.

the Oriental morning post: “the prince in vain” is through a through the way of writing wrote a history of 2000 years in Japan, this book is in the history of this country to Japan?

shimada masahiko: really is like this, I want to write a small Japanese history legend, a condensed version, let people can understand Japanese history. This book in 2008, in that year, I feel the whole world is in a political and economic impending big transformation time. I think, is likely to return to the origin of this conversion, want to rearrange everything again, then let’s see where is the origin of before. So, I want to go back to history, back in the history of the Japanese original.

the Oriental morning post, the novel has a spoke memory especially young ah, he is able to remember all the history, and even every detail of his memory to his personal is very painful, but when he learned to forget, he’s dead. It have what meaning?

shimada masahiko: China has a long history tradition, such as sima qian’s shiji, but he didn’t put ordinary people’s emotions and feelings in the history books, this is just the history, but the ritual can also be regarded as a sense of the official historian, the difference is that he can remember all details including feelings in history, the history just like happened yesterday. But this can only be implemented in the novel, the history of the ritual is the novelist’s ideal, it will be thrown away in history, the forgotten things pick up again, things that lead to historical events actually had very mixed feelings in it, not cold. If you really have an emotional memory, such as the gift, that’s a big harvest for history, but only an ideal.

the Oriental morning post: you put the Japanese history began with the chui fook dongdu Japan legend, in the novel chui fook brought the so-called advanced civilization to the Japanese but also lead to disaster, you whether such narrative history will cause dissatisfaction with the Japanese people, after all its history back to the other countries, not all people can accept.

shimada masahiko: about chui fook, although some people think that is a legend, but there are also some people think this is history. Recent studies, especially the china-japan joint research, it is generally believed chui fook dongdu Japan is true. In Japan, after the jomon era have a yayoi era, in mainland China in the era of the yayoi rice cultivation method was introduced into Japan, so young Japanese think Japan come only after the yayoi culture was born. Although the jomon era is considered to be the Japanese native culture born age, but in fact the Japanese ancestors came from all over the world come to Japan.

the Oriental morning post: you wrote in the novel the history of qin in China, Japan, many writers like to write the Chinese historical novel, whether do you also have this kind of complex inside?

shimada masahiko: chui fook story in shiji is only a little, so he has a big gap, can let the writers imagine freely, so I prefer to this period of history. Is really popular in Japan, writing the history of China, my son understand Chinese history through video games like “reflection”.

the Oriental morning post: you novel attitude towards nature, forest, primitive tribal culture reminds us of hayao miyazaki’s many works, from the battlefield out of character to these places were all conquering nature, it’s even willing to sacrifice for it. Whether this is you said before back to the origin?

shimada masahiko: can you say that. Novel that must be big eight LangZongJiu genji military commanders and hostile general flat light peace village of life together, until now still, in miyazaki prefecture, there still retains the primitive farming. Return to nature is a traditional Japanese culture, the Japanese are compared to the old, such as the Japanese pottery tea, we like the very coarse pottery, but Chinese people are just like the pottery is very delicate, fruity.