Diaspora domestic yuanmingyuan relics of about 500 Huabiao unpaired in Peking University

on November 8, the state he bonhams’ will auction two yuanmingyuan looted relics, respectively is & other; Qing jiaqing marble engraved look grain throughout long appropriate card & sons; And & other Qing qing jade antique beast grain girder You & throughout; . Trickle in yuanmingyuan relics overseas news painful by by looting loss, and these cultural relics scattered private domestic encounter same to you.

after the British and French troops in 1860 after the looting, burning yuanmingyuan, during the period of the republic of China, warlords and bureaucrats, politicians and stole the park a lot of cultural relics, in order to build private villas. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During some of the units and individuals to move within the old Summer Palace stone pieces without authorization. After the destruction of more than hundred years, the cultural relics in the old Summer Palace, in addition to the part, the other has gone. According to incomplete statistics, at present the diaspora yuanmingyuan about 500 pieces of cultural relics in China.

Beijing university

AnYou palace huabiao

the north site, a large portion of the site is in the past, yanjing university now, for the old Summer Palace relics, have the advantage to month.

the north in a materials of pku campus guide to visit the yuanmingyuan relics be big enough for the campus everywhere were introduced: scooter dragonet, turn tail stone fish, dragon marble is yanjing university at that time to the owners of these items & ndash; & ndash; Four brother carry out to buy. As for Simon in Peking University, office building before huabiao, Peking University also shows that this is in great force from yuanmingyuan away.

the old Summer Palace AnYou door, the original ShuYou two huabiao, in addition to the Peking University that foreign, a pair of library WenJin Street branch libraries in the country hospital. Huabiao AnYou palace as the white marble stone, carved panlong clouds, column around 316 centimeters, about 8 meters Lao, anise 须弥座 is below, its regulation and tiananmen square before huabiao is similar.

in 1925, yanjing university ZhaiBo priest sent people running to the front of the yuanmingyuan forced stents, AnYou palace of shipment of the two pairs of huabiao. At the time of northern suburb police branch director personally to the scene block is invalid.

two huabiao AnYou palace were evacuated, three in yanjing university, the other is from jingshi police to the city, was idle before tiananmen square. In 1931, Beijing library building wenjin library in the north sea in the west bank, to redundant huabiao yanjing university and the root of tiananmen square piece moved to there. Quirks for when handling, two pairs of huabiao in pairs, now Beijing wenjin huabiao, a branch of the university and the national library is a stout a thin.

AnYou palace scooter dragonet

scooter dragonet AnYou palace at the gate of the yuanmingyuan AnYou palace, Beijing university’s office now. This pair of scooter dragonet, previously placed in front of the old Summer Palace palace, carved into the time no later than three years (1725). Qianlong six years (in 1741), building AnYou palace, this scooter dragonet is moved to the AnYou palace, palace is new for kirin a pair of brass. In the 1920 s, yanjing university was established, the scooter dragonet was moved to the campus, this inside the west gate of Peking University for office decoration. Kirin high 174 cm, and 98 cm high 须弥座. Solid stone, carved exquisite, posture, line, pattern is still very smooth clear so far.

(hall turned tail stonefish

walked in the north west coastal water, a double tail stone fish is also yuanmingyuan relic. The original stone fish is located in the old Summer Palace (hall floor, south big Chinese flowering crabapple type on the center of the fountain, tan fine carved from stone, body length 165 cm, 87 cm tall, mouth blown, can reach more than 10 meters. Around the pool and pool, as well as copper sheep, deer, duck and carved stone vases and other water authority, spray water together, spectacular. Nowadays, reddish brown, Yang head he stone fish, has walked a spectacle. In winter, in order to prevent the skating people trample stonefish, Peking University will use the stone fish cage covered up.