Disclosure: before sleeping soong mei-ling Chiang kai-shek private Mao Fumei (photo)

Chiang kai-shek, Mao Fumei and song meiling

as with marriage, divorce from Mao Fumei original agreement in 1928. Chiang kai-shek agreed to let Mao Fumei still live in xikou, do my old house & other; FengGao room & throughout; The housewife.

later to Chiang soong mei-ling built new home in fenghua & other; LeTing & throughout; .

soong mei-ling got up an hour and a half later than her husband, Chiang kai-shek will use this time to visit FengGao room. Mao Fumei early to get the message, will prepare some snacks for Chiang kai-shek.

when Chiang kai-shek returned LeTing, soong mei-ling is often in his sleep. Chiang’s bodyguard is mostly xikou kin or countrymen, secret will not be disclosed to song meiling.