Disclosure: why “journey to the west” in the Ming dynasty “first banned books”?

this article “in the Ming dynasty those things”, in those days the bright moon, China friendship publishing company published

you might suppose jiajing died, memorial service is returned, it was finished, which he made his son.

if then make summary, believe that someone will say I am bothersome, heaven and earth conscience, I never care, the problem is not the reeling, amityville, is emphatically not be written down, and the jiajing years eventually problem, if you don’t write, is really sorry that several characters, so I resolutely decided to, I’ll finish the last question.

jiajing period was a time of much, jiajing complex, combined with his ministers and people along complex, anything, what person all the loyal minister, kleptocratic courtiers, scold minister, pirates, traitors, heroes, and Japan, Portugal, Spain and other allied with friends came in, he is not busy is not possible.

by the way, did I miss one, the literati.

this is 45 years jiajing period of a controversial, some said zte jiajing, some will say it was overrun by jiajing, but one thing is everybody do not deny that & ndash; & ndash; Splendid culture.

in addition to the Yang, wang shizhen, xu wei’s, calligraphy and painting, poetry is more worth proud, during this period, before and after the great four great classical novels of Ming dynasty already all was born, and to carry forward, they are “water margin”, “three kingdoms”, “journey to the west” and “jin ping mei”.

due to the “water margin” and the author of the romance of The Three Kingdoms is old acquaintance, so a book s similar (Ming), and to the jiajing period, due to the citizen culture popularization, these two books are widely known, has been widely circulated.

as for the “journey to the west”, we now know is that its author is wu chengen, huaian, jiangsu province, the other is not bad, is controversial, wu like monkey sun, elusive, elusive.

and “jin ping mei”, should be the most controversial book, the books together time is controversial, but mostly is the late jiajing and wanli before this period, can’t run very far.

but one thing is for sure: “jin ping mei” is an outstanding works of great significance, it should be openly with other three books on the cult of posterity.

the author of jin ping mei, by its exquisite brushwork, deep thoughts, the outline of the west door celebrate and the lotus of pan gold prominent (thanks to water margin) image, and described the mid-ming dynasty to the vivid characters of public life, the impact was riddled with holes of the feudal ethical code, and unstoppable trend of thought liberation and sexual revolution (thanks to wang yangming mind).

even tell from the literary genre, it is also prominent, even some GongXueGu think, about the daily life writing characters, a dream of red mansions is from “jin ping mei”.