DNA is called “d posterity” want to perfect markov family tree

news playback: recently, chaoyang people, Mr Ma claims to be the three d posterity, it originated in the 100 years of 2 this family tree, a record of the 19 markov later generations.

some time ago, the posterity through technical identification of DNA, meet for the first time.

who d the posterity of chaoyang citizens horse, Mr O hope relevant scholars also can compare d the posterity of the DNA identification, perfect the markov genealogy.

yesterday, reporters call the claims that the horse Mr O d posterity, Mr Ma said his management company, & other; Also didn’t take this seriously, recently heard that cao cao later generations through DNA technology, determined to cao cao, and if you have time allowance is our horse home can also for DNA identification. Throughout the &;

as we have learned, at present, the academic study of d is not so comprehensive, specific, as for cao cao for DNA identification, needs a process.

& other; Still more peaceful state of mind, don’t have much idea, if we can identify, perfect family nature better. Throughout the &; Mr Ma said.

it is understood that the tomb of d presently known basically has two, one is the mian county in shaanxi province near dingjun, another is in sichuan xindu.

mian county d’s tomb is located in the village of town & following the light and the temple of marquis about 1 km apart. It is understood that super horse died YangPingGuan ren, and local burial, today known as mian county in shaanxi province city. Thus should be d true tomb is located. Later died of zhuge liang in 234 AD was buried at the foot of north dingjun mountain mian county, with seven miles west of d tomb every han river.

new capital d’s tomb is located in the district of chengdu city in sichuan three mile rural village of d. For the county cultural relics protection. After the founding of new China, established here d village primary school. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; D during the tomb was completely destroyed, tombstone was all empty, only after the tomb circular mound and steles two-way. In 1985, XinDou County listed as important cultural relics in the county people’s government will d grave sites, erection of protection. In 1987, the county cultural relics census, the two stone stele moved to rise the leftover county, is now in county, the forest of steles. (huashang morning journal Chinese ring net reporter Xie Yang)