“Double female graves” of the eastern han dynasty were a mystery Have the scholar fell in love with the tang dynasty (FIG.)

big pu tong structure in the tomb. Nanjing museum for figure

in gaochun county city, rumours that ghost (now the north) in the tang dynasty literati zhi-yuan cui, because admiration double female two women’s talent and beauty in the grave, in double female grave deduce & other Ghost & throughout; The touching story. Then two female grave which is it s? If the wind remains buried in the tomb? Yesterday morning, the nanjing museum of the archaeological department annual work summary on the meeting, in addition to gaochun & other; Double female grave & throughout; Qixia lingshan, making big pu tong 5 seat’s tomb, ruijin road primary school playground underground archaeological findings such as Ming dynasty stone bridge also complete one by one.

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gaochun version & other; Ghost & throughout;

beautiful legends: tang county WeiLian & on the other; Double female grave & throughout; Were

in gaochun county, nanjing city, has been circulating a & other; Double female grave & throughout; The legend. There are two women in the tang dynasty legend, talented, looks more beautiful. After the local rich fancy, forced two artificial concubine, two women meet critical unyielding, double suicide. The little appreciation of the second woman ZhenLie, will be the two of them were buried gaochun huashan.

Tang Gan operator years, woosong zhi-yuan cui (now the north) scholars as lishui county commandant (gaochun, LiShui for a county). Patrol came to huashan one day, he stayed in the pap, that former post two female graves, then went to mourn. Charming young lieutenants, solitary burial in the face of the wilderness, to extrapolate, rashly with playful tone, acknowledged the entrance of the tomb: & other; Two women this young have grave, big star spring was a few complaints in the spring. Together for offer, name is difficult to ask burial dust on her head. If fang qing xu deep and remote dream, night what comfort traveller. If a lone pavilion will meet sex, and your assignment of the luochuan god. Throughout the &; That evening, zhi-yuan cui two women engaging, and sure enough dream thank scholar acknowledged valentine. Scholar be delighted, hence holds a delicious wine, invite their drinking to renew. During dinner poems to word to each other love. To affection meaning close, beauties with pillow, blanket, tie the knot. Dream wake up, turned out to be a ghost fell in love and married, zhi-yuan cui was amazing, hence a long poem “double female grave recall a dream”. Because dreams real, acacia difficult do, zhi-yuan cui again after the fairy “red bag” to remember the things.

excavation: & other; Double female grave & throughout; Is the east writing

last year, nanjing museum of archaeology department of double female graves archaeological exploration, investigation and its surrounding. Proven, double female grave is indeed a double room before and after the burial, only s is the eastern han dynasty. The eastern han dynasty from 25 to 220 AD, the dry separator is li xuan nianhao, from AD 874 to 874, two s are at least 600 years, 800 years at most. Because archaeology, save better burial generally does not claim to actively explore, buried in the tombs of two people, is a couple or two women, also not sure now. Perhaps zhi-yuan cui dreamed that two women, is through the hundreds of years to meet.

No mysteries

double female who is buried in the grave? Double female of legend is true or false? Why the tomb buried monastery period, MuZhuRen after hundreds of years into the scholar’s dreams? These questions unanswered, basic the beauty of folk legends, continue the legend.

what is the new found

the nanjing museum yesterday the archaeological department annual work summary on the meeting, there are some notable archaeological information release & ndash; & ndash;

big pu tong found in imperial clan king tombs

& other; Last year, the archaeological experts in qixia district lingshan north big pu tong, exploration and excavation 5 seat brick tomb chamber. Throughout the &; According to the deputy director of the nanjing museum HuaGuoRong is introduced, which found that a high level in the tomb, the total length of 14.2 meters, 3.6 meters wide, is to find the largest nanjing over the years one of the southern dynasty tombs. Experts through tomb unearthed epitaph, the basic confirmation were collated or period in the imperial clan of the king. Is particularly important, the tomb in the aisle set a large shimen very well preserved. The door up to 3.25 meters, the volume has been amazing, and its surface moment full of character, god beast, flowers and plants, such as fine grain, it is a fine to the art to the extreme, to fill the gaps in nanjing six dynasties archaeology, is also a rare materials for study of the six dynasties painting art.

will be a mystery: the wei jin southern and northern dynasties buried in nanjing after the death of many Kings and princes, but buried? With the discovery of many high-grade southern dynasty tombs, the mystery of just around the corner.

ruijin road elementary school playground found under the stone bridge

in the summer of 2012, the city, the archaeological exploration around the archaeology department of ruijin road elementary school, the final ground on the campus playground found an intact in the Ming dynasty stone bridge. This bridge was nearly 50 meters long, bridge 15.9 meters wide, grand scale. Consulting relevant literature, the bridge is supposed to be in the Ming dynasty emperor city moat outside white tiger on the bridge, the nanjing archaeological finds only a bridge of the Ming imperial palace moat. & other; Southern Ming dynasty palace wall there are three doors, corresponding to three bridge, is in the middle of the wulong bridge, is white tiger bridge to the west and the east is the tsing lung bridge. The only royal aristocrats, his provinces to walk wulong bridge, tsing lung bridge and ordinary officials go white tiger bridge. Throughout the &; China director, told reporters. Unfortunately, in order to cooperate with construction of schools, white tiger bridge can only be the site after reinforcement backfill soil protection.

to mysteries: Ming dynasty ancient bridge after hundreds of years is still strong, craft is to what? Other Bridges in what position? Solve the mystery, in addition to the literature, but also need more archaeological evidence.

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& other; Archaeological discoveries & throughout; Will focus on

reporter from yesterday of nanjing museum of archaeology department learned that annual archaeological work summary meeting, just over the past year, nanjing has all kinds of cultural relics unearthed more than 3000, over the past few years is tens of thousands of pieces. It’s a pity that most of these relics in the warehouse, it is difficult to see. Nanjing museum is considering to hold & other; Throughout the exhibition & new archaeological discovery; , these cultural relics on display.