Dry lulu imparting by netizens to boycott the businessman asked “don’t go out” (FIG.)

special dry lulu to cheer for the opening of have been wagging in cinemas around.

a few days ago, jinjiang when a food enterprise claimed today & will be invited to the other; Dry lulu with you spend the night of passion & throughout; . Controversial move quickly on weibo, some netizens think dry lulu is a bad character, enterprise also invited the famous & other; There is no bottom line & throughout; , and some said it will boycott the enterprise and dry lulu, and throw rotten eggs on site.

– morning paper reporter liu Pan Dengwen/figure

dry lulu to

netizen threatened to boycott

& other; & times; & times; Food town of grand opening on December 5. Guest do lulu with you spend the night of passion, the scene is more mysterious gift is waiting for you! Throughout the &; Late on November 27, a weibo message appeared on the Internet, the microblog also @ the dry dry lulu lulu and mom, and get the dry lulu personal weibo’s response.

soon, this information to attract the attention of many users.

& other; For the next generation, strong protest of jinjiang & times; & times; Invite dry food town lulu and attend the opening ceremony. Dry lulu and get out of fujian! Throughout the &; Late on November 28th, weibo real-name authentication for & other; Special-class teacher, writer, Chinese association of fujian province of fujian province & throughout; “@ king wang root on weibo, called for & other; Don’t let the noise of the vulgar ugly behavior pollution children’s purity of heart. Throughout the &;

his tweet quickly get a response, some netizens responded to his appeal, said a boycott dry lulu and the food enterprises.

& other; Jiangsu entertainment for dry lulu event was canceled, show the scene video journal sucker rod of dry lulu and vulgar language, their image and business invitation, really let a person cannot understand. Throughout the &; Netizens commented _ @ border city.

& other; After doing it television, she again to pour dining establishments? Throughout the &; @ small gray sister said.

& other; The wind of resisting vulgar spread to spring, as a member of quanzhou people, personal resolutely resist and keep the scene throwing rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, waste rocks right! Throughout the &; @ minnan stone elder brother said.

sign the contract early riding a tiger

merchants to do lulu & other; Don’t go out & throughout;

recently, dry lulu mother and daughter in the TV programs were widespread criticism from all walks of life call names, swear. In the case of many netizens criticize, jinjiang the enterprise why invite dry lulu support. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the food enterprise boss Mr Li.

Mr Li said he had know dry lulu swearing in television’s trouble, also noticed that the net friend to resist dry lulu to spring. He explained, invite dry lulu is swearing in on her television before. Set to open in August this year, after a friend suggested that he can ask lulu to help earn popularity, so Mr Li to Beijing to sign the contract with dry lulu, prepaid deposit asked her to show support. At the time, and formulate the two activities, a is the meeting at noon, a late business performance.

& other; Then see the reaction of Internet users, we also difficult. Throughout the &; Mr Li said the dry lulu now and don’t come, they are facing embarrassment. Come, some people will condemn. Don’t come, signed the contract, pay the deposit, the loss. He decided to compressed dry lulu, activity time, cancel the meeting, only keep business performance at night, let her sing a few songs.

& other; I already called gan lulu, remind them not to wear too, can’t say rude words. Throughout the &; Mr Li said, after all, on the evening of the opening, a lot of guests is with wife and children to attend, if dry lulu performances out of line, really bad for children.

for netizens to throw eggs, said Mr. Li, will strengthen security work, there will not be wrong. In addition, when a reporter mentioned some netizens accused the invite dry lulu to support & other (moral) where the line is & throughout; When Mr Li smiled awkwardly. & other; We are now try to do their work. Throughout the &;