Dunhuang frescoes new interpretation of the popular network now Monroe wu skirt action (figure)


Monroe wu skirt action unexpectedly emerged

dunhuang paintings

on the 31st of last month, a quietly appeared on tianya BBS posts: “take a look at some funny humorous dunhuang frescoes and traces of scripture-storing cave paintings”. To post a net friend & other; Chocolate stewed pork ribs & throughout; Said: & other; Dunhuang is the art of China’s treasure, have a lot of high levels of murals, but also has a lot of funny murals and manuscripts. These works, we use the aesthetic vision of today looks funny, but can provide the information for our comprehensive knowledge of the art of tang dynasty. Throughout the &; Then post on a large amount of dunhuang paintings, plus the net friends all sorts of goodwill and humorous twist, scene was joke. Similarly, policy & other; His brows throughout the sword dance &; In early march also established a photo album, “dunhuang wulitou”, some of them is the same as the end of the world that post, some different, the style is the same interesting.

the paintings of online reviews, obviously divided into three different kinds of ig trends: through type, & other Brokeback type & throughout; Type, ray.

there are some pictures, some approximate modern clothing, props, formative elements, under review the punch line of netizens, appear very through.

note that on the left side of the figure, posing for Marilyn & middot; Monroe’s classical action!

this kind of modelling of the characters in the picture are either too coarse, or is too strange, especially some should have & other; Treasure that solemn & throughout; Characters are full of happy feeling, painted and daily in the impression is very different, pour the netizen ray directly.