During the late 19th century China automobile international unified right has left for the world

during the late 19th century, the south of Shanghai, zhejiang and guangdong is influenced by the British, common line on the left; And northern provinces such as shandong, zhili, influenced by the United States, mostly USES the right rules.

in the 1930 s & other; The new life movement & throughout; The provisions of the vehicles have to keep to the left. And then also take Japanese occupied areas of northeast China left the rules, the rules of the left line basic unity. But a decade later, & other; Will be changed to keep right & throughout; .

during the Anti-Japanese War, the car more input by the United States. American car is driving on the right, as the vehicle to China after, should be carried out on the steering wheel and the light, this requires a lot of costs.

of December 31, 1945, said: “shenbao” & other; Twelve percent conversion cost must be up to the car. Statistical costs and expenses of the vehicle with modified is vast, so saving modification cost, also is one of the right in the lane change reason. Throughout the &;

the rear and the beginning of the victory of Anti-Japanese War during the period of Anti-Japanese War, some cities have stationed a certain number of U.S. troops. American are not used to keep to the left of the rules in China, frequent military vehicles traffic accident case. On February 9, 1946 in the “declaration” is put forward:

& other; On the eve of the victory of the war in the rear in the big cities, such as chongqing, chengdu, guiyang and other places, because of military vehicles, traffic, all have the occurrence of traffic order, and cause trouble hurt mishap. So transport authorities feel Smith barney to keep to the left, or are not used to, proposed to drive on the right, and to correct any weakness. Throughout the &;

the national government military commission, the message sent by the executive yuan, and so on the reason of the reform: to save a modified, reduce accident reasons, strong should be modified.

on September 10, 1945, the ministry of the interior to the sichuan government message said: & other; Check the car to drive on the right, and pedestrians still walk on the left, honesty is to adapt to the trend of the world. Throughout the &; At that time, the countries all over the world on the right road for most. The statistics “shenbao” before the second world war to drive on the right, about seven over ten of the world.

as a result, China to drive on the right, and also in order to adapt to the trend of the world. Then set by the executive yuan “to improve urban and highway traffic management method” regulation:

all vehicles driving on the right, in addition to the traffic police special permission, the turn will be turn on the right side along; Animal drawn vehicle should be close to the right, who are single row order, shall exceed rushed; Car needs after overtaking, you must first sound horn, permits more than limber said gestures, reliable vehicle ahead on the left over.

the national government also made the national highway route diagram, including schematic drawing train diagram on the right, overtaking, fork in the road along the right sketch.

and brought to the pedestrians on the road, the national government as originally envisioned is & other; The pedestrian is still left go & throughout; , its reason is people have the habit of walk on the left, the second is government think car as opposed to a person, the people saw early, easy to avoid.

but then someone put forward opinions: the vehicle on the right, pedestrians on the left, such as car as opposed to a person, not hit the car go? Therefore the regulations made adjustments, such as sidewalks, pedestrians must walk the sidewalk, must not go driveway; If no sidewalks, & other; Pedestrians along road & throughout; .

after the founding of new China, to keep the traffic rules and follow up to now.