Dutch painting Picasso museum stolen monet: loss exceeds 1 billion (FIG.)

stolen Picasso painting “the clown”

a few days ago, the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands consol center for contemporary art theft, including Picasso, famous works such as monet seven paintings stolen, painting a total value of more than 1 billion yuan. Museum of nearly 20 years, the theft occurred frequently, which is the largest in Boston, the United States in 1990, Isabella & middot; Stuart & middot; Gardner museum theft, the loss is as high as $300 million; In 1991 Amsterdam every & middot; High 20 famous paintings on display at the museum stolen, worth about $500 million; In 2010, the French capital Paris museum of modern art theft, loss of $124 million. And after the founding of new China, stolen from a museum in six degrees, the latest in on May 8, 2011. World-class museum stolen, the loss is often immeasurably. In custody, and hide in the art exhibition and promotion on the poor also been criticized, male Tibetan agency whether save art the best institutions?

question 1: the lack of security or inside job?

consol center for contemporary art theft, local media reported that about 1200 museum in the Netherlands, each museum has always been quite tight security measures, art theft doesn’t happen very often. But it is questionable, consol alarm system of modern art center with each piece of art together, how the thieves can free access to the art museum, calmly stole seven famous paintings, and eventually get away? Local police said the burglars besides after careful planning in advance, apparently received internal information, even does not exclude the possibility inside job. Lack of security or inside job? Before the inside job failed to get confirmed, and the world more questioning eyes or attention on the museum itself security capabilities.

the national museum of China deputy director Chen lusheng use & other; Accident & throughout; Describe the theft of the museum. & other; A lot of museums in the world have stolen records. We have a saying in China, said & lsquo; Not afraid of thieves steal and they were afraid to miss & rsquo; . Just on the one hand, but while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, and absolutely no method in the world to put an end to the occurrence of this possibility. Throughout the &; Chen lusheng chuckles thief stealing in the movie museum scenarios and stories have been & other; Deeply rooted in the hearts of the people throughout the &; , especially iffy plot and means more & other; Engaging & throughout; , but actually cannot say museum often stolen, or security ability is very weak, & other; Museum around the world hundreds of thousands, but each year the theft case is a two aircraft have fall off, all walks of life has an accident, but the museum’s attention may be higher than other industries. Throughout the &; He suggested that the social public to this & other; Accident & throughout; A certain tolerance: & other; Of course, at the same time, the museum also to do foolproof, for the country, the public keep cultural heritage, is responsibility and obligation & throughout; .

& other; CCTV, infrared alarm, double fingerprint, password, explosion-proof steel door, the guard 24 hours guard, in and out of registration. Throughout the &; A provincial museum staff list so warehouse security measures, & other; Can use almost zero leakage. Throughout the &; The reporter understands, guangzhou has a strict system of museum collection storage system, a lot of important primary and secondary cultural relics not easily, only through layer upon layer of administrators instructions, mild spell is possible. This system ensures that the important collections can be kept safe in the warehouse. & other; Large Chinese museum relatively safe today, thanks to this year’s new museum security facilities are complete. Throughout the &; Shenzhen museum of ancient art research, liu museum of China’s main security ability is very confident, & other; We has the ability and conditions to appropriate collection collection & throughout; .

a woeful Chinese painters Chen Guiping works has donated to Japan, the United States and China Taiwan and mainland China several museums, so he treated the museum collection methods have their own ideas on: & other; Many Tibet back home dear bought paintings collection, as the collection price is higher and higher, they are more careful to protect the safety of their collections, and art galleries, museums, after all, is an institution, collection collection quantity is very big, some of them are giving collectors or the author, so for staff, their process is recorded, serial number, save. All these institutions is not a personal, there will be a different person in charge, there will be someone to move to avoid evil thoughts, and second, although many institutions will use advanced means such as infrared ray to protect a collection, but the overall level of security is worse than private, and institutions is on public display for the collection of obligation, it is possible to inviting outlaw in the exhibition. Throughout the &;