“Eat dumplings dipped in soy sauce or vinegar” north-south netizens saliva war

dip eat dumplings? The north and the south net friend & other; The saliva war & throughout;

every place have each local habits and customs, each people have each person’s taste. Recently, a net friend @ mushroom hammer base a tweet fire: colleagues eat dumplings incredibly dip in soy sauce & hellip; & hellip; This, netizens have flashed out own eat dumplings when the dip: sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, fermented bean curd, mashed garlic, mustard, sesame paste, chili sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, etc., is multifarious, everything. By 8 afternoon 4 when 35 points, the weibo by netizens forwarded 30355 times, 9335 comments.

supporters: eat dumplings dipped just what you like!

the reporter sees, @ mushroom hammer base on February 7th at noon, after sending the weibo comments netizen into several camps, part of the net friend to @ mushroom hammer base colleagues eat dumplings dipped in soy sauce of understanding, said eat dumplings dipped to dip in what you love, you like it.

net friend @ in my kitchen has a charming hutch niang said, what want to dip in dipping, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, chili oil, whatever! @ please call me decadent, says Mr Should what, love to eat dipping bai! @ nameplates, act the role of hibernation Zzz said, my home side eat dumplings dipping garlic sauce, garlic sauce is put garlic sauce; @ the north xiao pang said, here we eat dumplings, are dipped in soy sauce, chili oil and vinegar seasoning mix; @ girl_in_the_wild jokingly said, my house to eat dumpling is soy sauce vinegar dip together. Suddenly understand, my mother was a northerner, my dad is from the south.

opponents: eat dumplings dipped in soy sauce taste some heavy!

in weibo comments, most of the netizens to & other; Dip in soy sauce to eat dumplings & throughout; Be curious, have said the move & other; Some heavy taste & throughout; .

early netizens @ mo into a body of water, said the southern people eat dumplings can choose dipped in vinegar, dip in soy sauce is unacceptable; @ mywood said want to eat mutton hotpot, why doesn’t he dipped in vinegar? @ Brave New World, saying, we eat dumplings here dip is composed of mature vinegar, garlic, red oil harmonic, dumplings taste words will use soy sauce; @ she says keiko, dip in shanghainese eat dumplings we like rice vinegar. (@ China ningbo network)