Eight people of tang and song dynasty most romantic lewd Ouyang xiu and his wife had an affair

in this paper, from the Confucius and the sex culture, the author: darling, press: the Orient press, edition: in September 2012 the first edition

in these insistance, more representative can lift & other; Eight people of tang and song dynasty & throughout; As an example, this is han yu, liu zongyuan, eight people, ouyang xiu, Su Xun, su shi, su zhe and 曾巩. Although they are all positive in the history of the characters, the article spread through the ages, people read the poem, ci and articles they respect, analysis of data can be found from now, however, most of them are very romantic, lewd.

han yu

han yu’s & other; Eight people of tang and song dynasty & throughout; First, & other; Article eight generations of failure & throughout; Fame is big enough. He is a senior officials in the tang dynasty, officer to official department assistant minister, equivalent to the modern cadre, advocate Confucianism, Buddha, emphasize the rao to the Confucius thought of orthodoxy, maintain the tradition of Confucianism. But, the person’s sex, harem, sexual function decline greatly. He often take the aphrodisiac, many of the ancient aphrodisiac sulfur composition, feed more harmful, so han yu listen to the advice of others, at the end of the sulfur research into feed the cock, cock after be brought up to eat chicken, such as make the cock first learned the toxicity of sulfur, and indirectly get the sulfur aphrodisiac qualities, but so much eat or make him dead. Poets TaoGu said the journal record clear vision & other; Changli male was more than old age powder, so can take feed; Sulfur stir soup at the end of the meal, the chicken man, do not to pay, one thousand days, cook need, name & lsquo; The fire spirit library & rsquo; Throughout, and a rijin between how &; But, & other; See also work in the beginning, but it will cause breaking bad & throughout; .

ouyang xiu and su shi

here should be mentioned and ouyang xiu and su shi, su dongpo), they are all great scholars of the song dynasty, the great politician. At the time are & other; The orthodox & throughout; Emergence, and ouyang xiu’s political article “cronies theory”, “five generations Shi Ling official biography theory” is how powerful, his poem food bad people is much sympathy for farmers, but on the other hand he write some enjoy women, describing women’s gaudy, he was. Su shi, his & other; Great river east to go to, the waves are all through the ages man & throughout; And & other; When the moon has, throughout the wine ask blue sky &; And reflect the sex life of gaudy word completely can’t see from the hand of the same person. This may reflect some feudal literati’s dual personality and double standards, also reflect their promoting & other; Dao & throughout; And & other Boundlessly ambitious & throughout; The contradiction.

the romance of ouyang xiu, su shi’s private life is notoriously:

summer LuHua said: & other; OuYangWenZhong know yangzhou, build PingShanTang, magnificent for huainan first. Every summer, the works, together with the guest to swim, who sent thousands to Shao Bo take lotus flower, basin points inserted the xu to draw, and guest alternate with, meet that wine sent to take a flower the guest prostitutes, successively pick laid, drinking, often abuse night, carry on. Throughout the &; Notes of the song dynasty barnyard grass kind cloud: & other; Ouyang xiu ru Yin, in between two very clever prostitutes, and male do remember the lyrics, about his feast scene when to make them. After several years and move the dimension from the fruit you Yin, the person no longer see. Longer serve tomorrow, drink with the officer on the lake, there are poems pick left fang ting cloud: & lsquo; Catkin has spring scenery, Chinese flowering crabapple should hate I came late. & rsquo; Throughout the &; It is clear that he is how sentimentally attached to a prostitute.

because of have this kind of life interest and experience, ouyang xiu wrote many houses, touching and romantic portrayal of men and women of love poems, which also have excellent work. For example, he wrote “a southern song” to describe a pair of newlyweds sweet and passionate love:

chicken bun gold belt, dragon jade comb. Go to window holds under a smile, love way: thrush depth trendy without? Pen against people for a long time, floral hand at early. Afford to hinder the embroidery work, smile to ask: dual yuanyang word how book?

this first word write very exquisite, vivid, fully show the author’s interest and sexual experience, however, has been accused of & other; Qianjin & throughout; , & other Gaudy & throughout; , cause & other; Group & throughout; The & other; Ambiguity of slander & throughout; . More people & other; Showing enough respects to those respected events & throughout; Said, as the generation of Confucian ouyang xiu won’t fill in the words, & other; When an enemy no name for & throughout; And columns in ouyang xiu’s name.

Su shi, the

su shi in this aspect are also no less. Wave recorded the face said: & other; Yao Shunming court fai, with all the old basking so sexual abuse also, and Mr Dongpo, cloud: and when the spring of the free time, will be about on the lake, early in the scenery beautiful place. The meal, every guest a boat, make one captain, and received each number prostitutes as the optimum. Mostly gong to set, after resumption of the sacred lake floor, or bamboo pavilion, very joyous and alone. – drum not night market, candle to return, the city female sergeant gathered, passageway to view line ridden, real event is also at one time. Throughout the &;


they many charming gorgeous poetry, are written in this even life, such as “tease” :

chase Jackson conduct nobleness, men not lent mu hall, dongpo carry a day of wonderful places prostitutes, chase pressed in color. Male is make the south terminaliachebuia make wonderful song prostitutes, also for XieYi chase. Male: & other; Today to break the old monk chan yi refs. Throughout the &;