Eight pounds Shakespeare plays the payment POE was pity before buying shoes

for some foreign writers, the payment is very important.

American author Ellen & middot; Slope too poor to even can’t afford to buy shoes, until a magazine published his poem, was rich enough to buy shoes. Once, urgent waiting to eat his money, then send a poem “the raven” manuscript to the magazine, the editor decided not to use reading. This makes Ellen & middot; Slope is a face of embarrassment.

looked at his haggard, become weak and weary through illness, edit some money to him. Later, this poem is finally published in the newspaper, he only get paid $9.

at the time, Shakespeare wrote a play for no more than eight pounds. Some calculated that Shakespeare had to get all the payment is not more than 200 pounds. John Milton wrote paradise lost, only 10 of the payment, just enough he’s writing paper money lost. American writer Melville wrote moby-dick fees, less than $200.

there is also a fee is very high. In 1960, Ernest Hemingway to sports illustrated wrote a 2000 – word essay bull fighting, receive the payment of $30000. American novelist James worked for a film to turn line and deleted a total of two words, changes the six words, should get the payment of $15000.

the British woman novelist, wrote 80 detective novel love, life, circulation of more than 300 million copies, works translated into 103 languages, just as a gift to her nephew a drama script of the payment, there are millions of dollars.

of course, also some people don’t see in the eye to the payment, such as the English poet, byron, he always don’t paid a penny. American poet Longfellow it doesn’t matter for the payment, he felt published works as long as my pleasure.

but byron is noble, live well without the payment. Longfellow also live in the home of rich, he live, eat delicacies. If they like Ellen & middot; Slope so poor that even fill not the belly full, certainly not so natural and unrestrained.