Eight years old photos Lau said he was born in the rural also has a master temperament

information times dispatch (reporter sherry Chen) & have spent He co-stared, starring “the peach elder sister”, for the competition of the 68th Venice film festival movie, let Ms. Hui director a Venice film festival is a dream. She is more beautiful idea produced a unique master peach elder sister with Roger a childhood photo, as “the peach elder sister” the Venice film festival’s posters. Master the use of Roger starring Andy lau a precious photos at the age of eight, the synthesized according to ds, not only will be back in time, also out of the very warm.

photographs by household deduce the peach elder sister, the beam of the borders of a long, thick Ma Jie left hand take a master’s shoulder in the scene, a face of happiness. Grow fat fat white master Roger, Andy lau was eight years old. Taking pictures is known, Andy childhood, so this frame as extremely precious childhood. Andy to see this old photo, recall at the age of eight, he quipped: & other; When I was a child I grew up in the countryside, I didn’t think neri had hidden the master seed makings, xi! & have spent The group photo with household is really very precious. Throughout the &;