Empress dowager bath luxury: rub zao to four Towel for one hundred


this article from the archives, the secret of Chinese civilization Li Yangquan, baihua literature and art publishing house, first edition may, 2005

it is hard to imagine, in the ancient city of no running water, people how to take a bath. More than one hundred years ago, some people use is still well first, the Wells were open to build, can often be found dead dead mice and cat.

in ancient times, people not only water difficulties, also the lack of clean. To washing every day, and it began to must not for a long time. Even the emperor of prominent, there is no this kind of consciousness, not to mention the civilians.

bai juyi once wrote, & other; Today a bath zhuo, failure there is quite a rest & thin throughout; . For such a big bath time characters, incredibly still write poems recorded. And Yang’s going out of the story, is much more vigorous: & other; A cold bath huaqing pool, hot spring water slippery wash coagulate fat & throughout; . Boy, in a bath huaqing pool after the emperor’s permission, is but a ZaoTangZi huaqing pool! Even so, such enjoyment, civilians is never useful, but is a bucket or tub, boil water to cleanse the body. Even, considering water, don’t take a shower.

however, folks who still has his own philosophy in the bath. The great scholars of the Ming dynasty, yongle always compiling XieJin have & other In one thousand the old tree when hangers, Yangtze river as the tub & throughout; In the name of the handed down from ancient times. Visible, jumped into the river and take a bath in the ancients seems no news. The seventy-second chapter of journey to the west & other; Pansi hole seven vanity, pouring dirty springs, eight quit to inspire & throughout; And then details the seven spider jing irrigation scale spring was in the shower scene.

most luxurious bath

what is the distinction between different, people can take a bath in the river is happy and clinking. Can see jin yi, Shen Yiling “ladies talk to record” recorded in the whole process of bathing, make out some envy of life.
In Beijing xiaotangshan has a pool of empress dowager, according to a survey, 4.55 meters long, 2.90 meters wide, 1.40 meters deep. The wall is made up of processed ten big stone pressure seam jiaokou set spell. A reservoir and adjacent. When washing bath, hot spring water from flooding reservoir in alcoves, turns the south wall of a gate open, across the dark water tank into the bath. The bath is chic exquisite design, not the kui hot spring pools. Especially the dowager shower, accentuated this style.

she is sitting on a wide four legs short bath chair, each leg of the chair is climbing with a dragon. As the empress dowager cixi shing bath is two to three feet long wooden bucket shape with silver plate, an upper body, a wash down, never mix. Light to take a bath with the towel to prepare one hundred, each towel embroidered with yellow jinlong silk thread, a stack is a kind of posture: has been, have a return of the full moon, is a bead, there is water. The water in the bathtub to keep clean, forever the towel after soaking, fished it is no more back to dip in water in the basin, towel is finished with a throw a, wash your body with dozens of towel, and water is clear. The water in the bathtub scooped out at any time and feel free to add some, always maintain a certain temperature. Four ladies bathed the dowager, gimmick rapidly-changing, orderly are silent. First light brush gently and repeatedly to the empress dowager cixi two axillary, chest, back, arms, so that the pores open, the body easily. After wiping the toilet soap, and then use a wet towel to wipe clean body soap foam, so as to avoid skin to feel dry. Then with white pure silk cotton, stained with perfume is light and thin uniform film in the body, breasts, bone joints, spine, where these places are easy to soap foam, easy to let the skin itching, special attention should be paid. Finally to scoop water washs a face, hands. Rather than washing ironing, particularly in the empress dowager cixi forehead, cheeks, hot compress, so it is said that to the trace of your forehead melt.

on the other hand, his body often naked in public, Chen even wang like you and me, also feel this is something not very comfortable. Empress dowager cixi’s etiquette, don’t know of uncomfortable, but in order to show their noble, just download the many.