European body painter miniature schnauzer: with most model eventually at a lover

European body painter miniature schnauzer: (photo) with most model eventually at a lover

Angle “big palace”, existing in the Louvre in Paris France (file photo)

giorgione, the sleeping Venus (file photo)

in 1510, the school masters did the sleeping Venus giorgione, for Venice is in the history of the first famous full frontal female body painting; It’s a pity that he died young, 33, will be the day, also the bellini under teacher younger brother, Venetian master titian, fill out this picture with the help of the sky and the scenery section, by the way, adopting the nude modelling, 28 years later, in his the Venus of urbino, to deal with entrust manuscripts urbino Sir Alex & ndash; & ndash; , of course, at that time, the picture is only for urbino Sir Alex possession, not carried out before. By 1651, the Spanish big guru appoint lars katz painting over the mirror in front of Venus, just a bare back, fuzzy in the girl’s face in the mirror. Rao is such scale is rigorous, to appoint the master died, the painting also failed to meet with the people on the street & ndash; & ndash; Partly due to master’s court painter, afford to ordinary people can’t see; Half the Spanish Catholic forces is extremely strong, man this is illegal.

painter with model mostly eventually into lover

in the traditional impression, Chinese people think europeans are good for human body painting, actually how much misunderstood: europeans nor nature open, Jue smile now, take off the clothes don’t face. The early middle ages to the Renaissance, the pressure because of Christianity, the inquisition the stake is a happy can give you, the time and all the men and women are honest. In the season, nude is tacky, cannot look. In fact, it was not until the 19th century, europeans felt the enlightenment (French said in the 18th century is & other; Throughout centuries & light) Mental shackles, is civilized, throwing his past, but the painter to find a nude model, still very not easy. The custom of the Victorian era, Britain: the girl want to be a nude model, you can, his face covered up; And nude only boys, girls must be involved in; As for painters to nude model, can be a distance not to use, a touch is breaking the law. In 1886, the art college of Pennsylvania Thomas & middot; Perkins hands and in front of boys and girls in the classroom, the male nude model aims of bath towel of & ndash; & ndash; Soon be expelled from school.

these measures seem to bare die face, providing them with good working environment, but nude model, restricted by many. Is pointing the world outside, but let it be, when the models also have professional ethics. Male nude model, for example, if with modelling, accidentally had men reflect, immediately terminate contract, remuneration, never deprive as a model of qualification, lane is bad to the police will come knocking at the door.

so painter and sculptor, was sold to develop literacy, such as Raphael painted “the ra te of”, someone asked him, this model is so beautiful, where to find, Raphael answer said, & other; Throughout my model is no longer in the world &; And later, & other; Really beautiful image exists in our hearts & throughout; , after all, is the great artist in the heart has its own specification, just like music genius has absolute intonation, the in the mind have a steelyard, looking at a big fat woman, also can draw the Venus; Half because: they have, most models scarce, so we have to catch a fierce, and most in the end, a model can be a lover. Such as monet’s wife, who, jas & middot; ‘s mistress caitlin, manet the lover of both sexual abuse optimal identity, Victoria & middot; Mr Lang, is long living feeling & ndash; & ndash; Of course, manet to impressionist painter belt & middot; Murray line painted many, finally the Murray coaxed into his brother’s daughter-in-law. And the model and his lover crowe rodin glendale story, also was made into a movie “rodin and his lover”?

as for the nude model, more trouble: nice girl won’t let you draw, so we have to find a prostitute. Manet paintings lunch on the grass, in the considered by napoleon iii tacky naked women, head is up to your lover’s lang, but the body is in manet’s wife Susan & middot; Aaron hoff drawing & ndash; & ndash; Is not, to be a painting, the wife have to go out. As for the poor can’t afford to hire nude model, seduce no emotion ICONS, really can only look at plaster replicas of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, painting dead already.

noble clothing lust nude popular

the question is: since nude so hate, shady, why would anyone scrambling to draw?

since early years, Greek and Roman hegemony of season, religious pressure is very small. The greeks to bare for the United States, the Romans had the actual under such atmosphere, leading to countless topless and nude sculpture. Christian unify the whole country, everyone wear clothes to rush and save them, destroy the human, in order to avoid has a bad heart, want to get god’s justice. Human could not, however, love is naked from east to west, the common demand of mankind. How to do?

now history’s most famous nude, Michelangelo’s “David”. It inspired, originally from the existing Apollo as the Vatican museum. Wonderful in David beat goliath is ancient legend, Michelangelo carved the, moral sense through & ndash; & ndash; Modern people have to wear clothes, of course, the ancients can be naked! So, the ancients do, tracing, legends, naked picture, it’s a famous.

before, during and after the Renaissance in Europe are in painting Venus: botticelli, titian, giorgione, appoint lars katz, all have great portraits of Venus handed down from ancient times. These natural not them on public display, but the result of aristocratic manuscripts. Florentine aristocrat, Venetian nobleman, the Spanish royal family, of course, also some master prefer classical art, but most of the manuscripts subscribers, the insufficient for humanitarian and or want a nude picture decorate it. The 18th century, the French are more cunning: under the king, popular neoclassical painting. Schools now, the new classical oil painting naked, Roman history, admonish your moral meaning, at first glance, you would have thought that peers have very disciplined, daily three provinces in my body, will always see the nude, and remind yourself of meat no good end… .. But, in fact, it is nothing but hang sheep head sell vinegar, through moral counsel, can big makin knife, publicly hang up nude picture & ndash; & ndash; So, if you see naked girls richly exaggeration, contain quite gentle erotic, mostly in the 18th century aristocratic product.

18 th-century rococo everyone boucher, for example, when is not often draw a seduce Europa Zeus, Zeus molestation lida, speaking impressive-looking: subjects are in Greek mythology, is not real life tacky! Borrow a subject, they’re very charming. Eventually, academic master ingres smarter: christians are in danger of moral decay, then draw the Turkish Islam bai! When the Angle of the master David, in addition to painting the death of mara, “napoleon crowned” the epic masterpiece, occasionally to a portrait of Mrs Ray Camille “such as small works; Angle through the composition of the master, a famous painting “the big palace”, the adornment of drew more Oriental amorous feelings, let the painting didn’t moral pressure. Clever in Angle also know a content multi-purpose, drew a Turkish bath female, age 28 at the age of 48 drawing again; By 1862, he is 1862 years old, all he painted naked girls happy, to the amplitude of the Turkish bath & ndash; & ndash; He draw so many Turkish bath female all right, the following year manet painted a lunch on the grass, look like a western europeans, immediately get moral criticism, visible subject is more important.

so, this kind of gimmick, quite similar to the Chinese underground erotic fiction of the Ming dynasty. Open book on the first page, it is a moral counsel, said lust WangShen, lewd loss, god must not lewd ah & hellip; & hellip; You don’t believe? Let me tell you a colourful a porn story, ancient saying what a big shot, he how lewd? Of course, you can say, European human body painting, is from the Greek and Roman spirit, is broke through the Christian strangled, depends on the development of the consciousness, anatomy of countless artists, generation after generation master advance wave upon wave, finally to achieve today’s situation, but if given before the middle of the 19th century, the painter basic living on entrusted manuscripts, you will be able to understand about: at the end of the day, still have to rely on peers have warm lust, throw money at a trend, are painted, to make this thing has a big development. No, eat drink man woman, the human desire is history the biggest driving force.