Every emperor have birth control idea of ancient pill is a kind of poison

ying-jie liu

the ancient emperors sannomiya six homes, empresses, so far still not satisfied, and still does to draft around the female to imperial harem. Top & other; The supreme & throughout; Emperor in decadent bliss at the same time, also produced some by-products, & other; Long Zilong sun & throughout; . Huang nobles, as day descendants lush endless miles of course also is blessed by the state, the mind of the emperor, however, there is also a contraceptive.

the emperor contraception nature isn’t or couldn’t afford to eugenics, probably have three considerations: one is afraid of historiographer stylus, carrying a dissolute no stigma of later generations. The emperor while pointing that and more, but also is limited by fathers, French momently, the harem plagued has daily life on record. If indulge in this way, heart, living on the note to the best of all is & other; One day good one house, one day Christmas give & throughout; , seems to be detrimental to king majesty, is at the same time, the emperor in better don’t want to keep seed everywhere; 2 it is the emperor’s personal preference and & other The emperor grace & throughout; , and three thousand concubines, who don’t want to be pampered set at a suit, in spite of this, wait for aged color declines, afraid there is only a lonely aside, so concubines are trying to conceive and bear a son, and to have a rely on. The emperor and understand the method of manage, although it happened one night, but who let who pregnant not pregnant have & other; Huang gratitude only & throughout; The claim. If the emperor doesn’t like a princess, or find a princess idea cleverness, and he ordered the eunuch emergency contraception; Three is afraid to fight, the royal father and brother to the throne on war we see history, tang has the change of xuanwu gate, the song dynasty have the axes of the riddle, is the emperors for & other; Long Zilong sun & throughout; Breeding will be the certain choice and restriction.

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there are good, will be very close, the emperor has this demand, cure too much and crawling of natural desperately for this folk prescription, in general, there are several in history.

according to the hole flow. After the qing dynasty, the emperor contraception more discreet, according to the qing dynasty unofficial observatory & middot; hearsay that was handed down, “qing years, emperors and concubines after sex, worship things room main eunuch & other Will kneel and plead, yue & lsquo; Stay? & rsquo; Said no, & lsquo; Main to posterior divisions of princess micro acupuncture point according to, dragon essence all out yi & rsquo; ; Said, will be bestowed upon a certain when the emperor luckily, the pen to the books, by the certificate of pregnancy, and said this is & other Fathers in GongJin custom & throughout; . This kind of micro on other concubines Posterior divisions acupuncture points throughout the &; Make semen flow method, is the ancient court room later & other Emergency contraception & throughout; Remedial measures, the effect how, because of the emperor “daily life”, “lack of detailed records, not clear. Get good emperor, but his last governs a & other; No & throughout; The comment on writing, to think about the idea pathetique.

the belly. The above & other; According to the hole flow finishing & throughout; The law can only say that the qing dynasty emperor contraception, in contrast, all previous dynasties, there is a called & other; Throughout the belly stick &; . The musk into concubines navel, all previous dynasties & other; Femme fatale & throughout; Most of the swallow and zhao zhao, two sisters such precautions. Will stick on the navel musk, can settle woman belly the conception of function, which & other; Throughout the belly stick &; There is a unique efficacy, but is now lost.

saffron. Historical data, if there be such a specified on saffron is the most effective contraception in palace secret recipe, if the emperor don’t like a palace maid was luck, can let a eunuch the maid-in-waiting hangs up, using liquid cleaning and saffron crush on her. It is said that this can maid-in-waiting semen in the body to clean. This method appeared in the five dynasties, and then gone with uncertainty, fight each other cry that much scum, is just such a brutal methods of contraception.

the pill. In the history of the pill is actually a kind of poison, is of great harm to women, harem woman rush, one for five mixed and disorderly feeling, thoughts and blue, a poison for the birth control pill. So most of the prostitutes. This medicine is the most bitter is silver drinking water, the effect is good, but there is a big harm to the body. Court will need contraception concubines and maids to drink tea, put a small amount of mercury. Such both neither are deadly directly, and efficacy is obvious. Another very popular way is to drink herbal tea, it is also a GouLan tile boss prostitutes used more in the way. & other; LiangYao & throughout; Musk is a kind of contain ingredients of liquid form of contraception. The liquid form not only can achieve the effect of birth control, but also the function of abortion. Xianfeng, the palace was good, after first pregnancy was dark with musk abortion. However, it is good, long-term drinking, but easy to cause lifelong sterilization.