Expeditionary army veteran 93 – year – old spent Anti-Japanese War drama too false: actually have time to fall in love to drink

HongFaXiang expeditionary force, a 93 – year – old veteran, sitting opposite the herald reporter.

in the room has a musty, he spoke, from time to time look up at the roof, wall crack for seam, the patch. He hates the typhoon, the storm water seepage wall.

this 10 square meters of the house, it is his home.

in more than 60 years ago, he to another & other; Throughout the home &; , to clear out our lives. Attend the expeditionary force, the battlefield in Burma hit Japan, climb over the dead people every day, looking at his comrades die one by one. He with a very holy faith: I can’t read, but I can carry gun dozen devil, for home, for the country.

but then for a long time, the story as he can’t say the secret. Y mother also give him a charge, low the nod to be human.

now, he by the low of 270 yuan a month.

yesterday, when the herald reporter dialogue when the old man, he wandered from memory back up all the life and death, love and hate. Mother’s house, and his own house, and that let him give my life to protect & other; Throughout the home &; .

recently, we have been looking at this group & ndash; & ndash; The Chinese expeditionary force. Almost all these old people, there is no military subsistence allowances and subsidies to earn a living.

their dialogue, not only the history memory, but also for their home countries.

the century dream home countries, they wrote in the life.

I go with my mother said I dozen devil

& other; I am a farmer, can’t read, but I can carry gun play devil. For family, for their country. Throughout the &;


herald reporter: in 1942, the army, you retired in 1945 back to the deep. This three years, have contacted with home?

HongFaXiang: no. With home completely broken. After the victory of the anti-japanese I discharged from changsha to deep. An enter a door, see my mom, I called her, she looked up to see me, just cry, hold me cry. She said, people say, you must have died early, but I don’t believe it.


herald reporter: when are you going to the army, mother don’t agree?

HongFaXiang: that’s right. I am the eldest son, she was afraid that I can’t close to her eyes.


herald reporter: at last she still didn’t kink you?

HongFaXiang: I told her that I was going to play devil, Japan is home to us. I don’t go to play them, they will kill us. Home will lose, countries will not fall. She cried for a long time, side hit me and accused me of this son, while crying to send me away.

herald reporter: at that time, you know in the kuomintang army?

HongFaXiang: what is the kuomintang (KMT), I don’t know at that time, only know that go abroad to play devil. In the collection of jiangxi province, Chiang ching-kuo told us, for the country, for the people, to fight for the Chinese nation. He cry, we cry. At that time, my mind was the first time, have been the word of the Chinese nation.

I’m a farmer, can’t read, but I can carry gun play devil. For family, for their country.