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Beijing, shijiazhuang on December 16 (reporter Chen ling) & other; According to historical data, the time when the area of sacrifice and not shout & lsquo; For new China forward & rsquo; Grandiloquence, such as his comrades-in-arms recalled his fry bunker should be called to the moment & lsquo; Down! Down! Get down! & rsquo; . These words are common but miss higher safety comrades let his image. Throughout the &; 16, hebei red history experts, executive director of the provincial party history character research wangliu news agency reporter interview, said he hopes the historical data restore a true hero.

in a few yellow newspaper reporter saw, 37 years (1948) of the republic of China on September 17, the People’s Daily published the hand explosive box destroy enemy pillbox comrade area heroic sacrifice, reduction in detail the whole process of sacrifice. In this paper, we describe & other; He & hellip; & hellip; Picked up the box of explosive rushed over to the enemy fortress & hellip; & hellip; While under the fortress and blow up it. Area & hellip; & hellip; Hand hold explosive box without hesitation, pull open fuse, in a loud rumbling sound of loud, fort was bombed. Throughout the &; In this paper, we did not write his sacrifice before the rhetoric.

published in the same year on September 16, xinhua daily (central China), also with the communist party member area to sacrifice his life to destroy the enemy strong fort “detailed written report.

on September 29, 1950, published by the People’s Daily, published to area fellow ZhiShunYi interview. Wangliu, said ZhiShunYi recalls in an interview with the media, the area as soon as he saw area away after the trigger, but saw area toward them yell after & other; Down! Down! Get down! Throughout the &; A loud noise, then the enemy’s bridge homeliness was blown to pieces.

wangliu said, according to the historical data to see, don’t mention area before fry bunker said & other; For new China forward & throughout; Any such as rhetoric.

for wangliu, huailai county, hebei province area martyrs memorial museum curator xiao-mei sun also said. Xiao-mei sun, said to the memorial area comrades have memories, then shout is to let them down. & other; (grandiloquence) belongs to artistic processing, to the heroes have a sublimation, he (area) was seventeen children also couldn’t think of that sentence. Throughout the &;

wangliu said the area before sacrifice didn’t consider himself, he saw his comrades crossroads, thinks of the comrades down don’t hurt. & other; This is the real hero, a us an ordinary but great hero. Throughout the &;

area, huailai county, hebei province, in 1945 to participate in the eighth route army, on May 25, 1948 in longhua county liberation, due to the blocked from the enemy’s forces bridge homeliness picked up charge rushed to the bridge, with the body ACTS as the bracket of charge blow up bunkers, sacrifice when persons under the age of 19. Has been rated & other; 100 made outstanding contributions to the founding of the people’s hero model character & throughout; . (after)