Experts say the new found Da Vinci $authentic had sold 45 pounds (FIG.)

oil painting “savior” figure GJ

wood painting recently identified as “savior” da & middot; Vinci reproductions, began in November last year in the British national gallery. This picture, the works of Jesus Christ is believed to be initially for & middot; Vinci student’s work, in 1958 at sotheby’s auction clinchs a deal with 45 pounds.

famous New York art dealer Robert & middot; Simon is said to be the work is one of the owners. He initially suspected paintings may reach & middot; Vinci himself. Through a variety of detection technology, this painting has a multi-layer paint coverage. Repair times cleaning works restores former appearance. In Jesus raise right hand, left hand holding the ball, quiet, in red, blue two colors is very close to reach & middot; Vinci’s the last supper.

all secret invitation, a number of internationally renowned scholars experts to identify “savior”. & other; We only have one day time, but has enough & throughout; Involved in identification of Italian expert Peter & middot; Marla says, & other; We immediately agree that it is up to & middot; Vinci’s works, all the data and analysis prove correct. Throughout the &;

da & middot; Vinci in 1506 the French king Louis xii, start drawing “savior” and complete the creative in seven years. The painting is now in New York’s Robert & middot; Simon gallery, now estimate about 120 million pounds each.