Experts to explore the ancients do not take the mathematical reasons: to the authoritarian system useless

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master of Confucianism in the history of our country, the Chinese master halls, but rare, mathematician and physicist and chemist can call on the name to zu chongzhi wait for a few people, however, there are several d an alchemist, strike at unexpected moment on some related to chemistry, in addition it is blank. Appear this kind of result, related to talent selection system in the feudal society. The imperial examinations only take an examination of the classics, of course, we are rushing to the classics study. If the imperial exam pedicure, I estimate that China will emerge a batch of pedicure master.

in fact, in our country during the tang dynasty was once the mathematics incorporated into the scope of the imperial examination. Show celebrating years (656 years), the imperial academy opened mathematics school – & other; Calculate XueGuan & throughout; Dr, recruit students of 30 people, set up math and math teaching assistant presided over the daily teaching. So the kingdom within the imperial academy have the child, business law, four doors, learn, books, math six XueGuan.

the government also let Li Chunfeng compiled the 10 is the, namely “the weeks of time to calculate the”, “nine chapter arithmetic”, “is the”, “the grandson is the”, “Mr Xiahou Yang is the”, “Zhang Qiu is the building”, “compose”, “five is the cao”, “the five classics arithmetic”, made the ancient arithmetic, a general designation is the ten book, as the official materials. Make mathematics into the imperial examinations, mathematics pass you can do it, it was, it opened the ethos of the world.

however, it was math is not very rich, but the shelves first build up, build up effective incentive mechanism, lineage, development to today, would not let China become a mathematical power, thus promote the related scientific progress. Even more, a few the Nobel Prize for mathematics and physics are at hand.

but the strange thing is, in the late tang dynasty, the Ming stopped her examinations. This may strides forward in maths, tailing off in China, then only on a few folk math fan support. Stop take an examination of the reason for this is that too few people of passing the exam.

the original, the government made a regulation, the son of Dr Rank is five is tasted, Dr Arithmetic’s rank is from do, is the lowest level in rank. Meantime, calculate XueGuan stopped open, open the stop, no continuity, the students also feel boring, the teacher is from do not, students also can not suppress to twenty products! Just find another way out!

why generations of power are not value in mathematics as the center of science, and only pay attention to the xuan and xuan classics and Confucianism? Want me to see, because the mathematics for autocracy is useless. As Chinese ancient book, you can understand it, I can understand that, every ruler can literally play, to our advantage, turning it into despotism talisman. Astronomy is the same.

the compilation is the ten book Li Chunfeng or an astronomer at the same time, he may, according to astronomical infer that wu zetian tried after forty years, but the position of the stars have any connection with wu zetian usurp throne? No, anyway, the sky is so said. The function of traditional sinology is similar. Why secretary must be loyal to the emperor? There is no reason, Confucian classics is so say, you have to do so. Mathematics, by contrast, not because one plus one equals two, so it should be by me when the emperor, the indecent.

in order to make sense, rulers are the math to pull to the side. the

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