Fang han would like to claim Wan Yuanxu: fang said will be less

on suspicion of han to pen to write a book, fang han by online & other; Shelling & throughout; , the two sides for 11 days of network & other; Words & throughout; .

this morning & other; Throughout the south &; War has finally made breakthrough progress & ndash; & ndash; Han agent release blog post today han will take the 1000 – page manuscript materials as evidence, the prosecution after formally. While the latter said & other; Welcome to Sue & throughout; .

han fang pushing

han: Chinese professional rally and field hand, writers, party magazine editor

will draft by thousands of pages V. fang

today at 4 am, books Wan Rong, managing director and Mr. Lu han agent on weibo, in a news release said & other; Han han said attorney & throughout; , & other; Prominent science writer fang via the Internet & lsquo; Questions about han () a ghost writer to & rsquo; During the disinformation, damage to han reputation matters & throughout; Today, (will) & other Legal action in Shanghai & throughout; .

, Mr. Lu said in January 19 to 28, 2012, fang on twitter account forward, reviews and articles published in a row, made clear that han’s works and other (a) a ghost writer to & throughout; & other; Packaging & throughout; , & other; Cause serious violation to han reputation and property rights & throughout; . Han han will filed a lawsuit in Shanghai, and other Demanded an apology from public rectification, & throughout; And compensate for the economic loss of 100000 yuan.

it is said that han han finishing the manuscript of 1000 data between 1997 and 2000, & other; Enough to prove that its work as independent creation. Throughout the &;

take fang

fang: Dr Biochemistry, science writer, “new threads” issue, and the founder of the site, the same name to reveal fraud, famous

welcome to Sue will play

this morning, after above when contacted, he said: & other; Welcome he sued. Throughout the &;

fang told reporters that his current still believe that the article was not written by han han.

for prosecution, fang said it would to a lawyer, his & other; Will play & throughout; .

fang said: & other; I believe that if they are in a court of justice, I won’t lost. But the action is in Shanghai, the lawsuit result to say. Throughout the &;

fang questioned VS han response

square: why said in a television interview intentionally don’t know & other; Triple gate & throughout; The mean?

a: that TV program recording the atmosphere is very bad, almost no one had read what I wrote, I have the right to not answer from the reader 9 type problems.

square: “doctor,” said school infected scabies, but symptoms with the facts given in this paper, more like han han’s father had hepatitis.

a: taking ten thousand steps back, these are all literary works, even if I haven’t had what disease, I can write so.

event playback: January 15, crop published “artificial han” blog, said han han’s success is his father, Mr. Lu Han Ren all and publishers & other; Artificial & throughout; And & other Packaging & throughout; Results, also said that han han was in the new concept of competition in the award-winning works written for his father’s generation. Day, han han said a reward of 20 million yuan, looking for & other; Scrivener & throughout; With & other; Artificial & throughout; The evidence. On January 19, reconciliation.

the contention of Korea has attracted the attention of fang, he continuously published 11 post, challenge claims that han’s article and how paradox, the suspected gunman generation of han han wrote. The text/reporter Wang Yi Wang xiao


fang han network controversy, who do you support?

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3. Do you believe in han’s work is someone a ghost?

believe, is suspicious of

don’t believe, there is no evidence of


4. Do you support han the prosecution after decision?

support, eventually should use the law to solve by the court to give reasonable

against, Internet argument noisy but should not be to court


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