Fang zhouzi questioned han: price set Side to destroy evidence

fang (figure)

a few days ago, a prominent blogger catcher published an “artificial han han’s blog, pointing to han articles. Sent shock waves through the article on weibo. 16, han han in a blog post positive response: & other; If anyone can prove his ghost write articles for me, even if only a ghost words, once received belong to any media & lsquo; Han team & rsquo; Or from my press release requirements published propaganda, reward 20 million yuan. Throughout the &; Subsequently, fan bingbing, other celebrities were endorsed han han. Today, & other; Crusader against & throughout; Send post question han fang, said its price set, while to destroy evidence, let a person feel no reward for sincerity. (/small yi wen)

fang blog:

crop questioned han han’s article mentioned in April 2007 articles published on the blog the middle-aged who admit that they have friends know its Carmen blog passwords, modify the article for him, I am curious to see this article, the result is not found in han han’s blog, because han from December 13, 2006 to September 18, 2007 more than nine months of blog articles are all deleted. Price set, while destroying evidence, more let a person feel no reward for sincerity.