Female buyers spend 17500 pounds filmed fake jade bracelet British auction house refuse to a refund

the Christie’s auction house is one of the world famous art auction houses, but surprisingly, such a world-famous auction auction of myanmar jadeite jade bracelet turned out to be false. Take this £ 17500 buyers of jadeite jade bracelet is ms jiang in Shanghai, she complained to reporters, she will be sent to each other after jade bracelet and appraisal report, after many negotiations, the other party refuses to refund.

buyer experience

17500 pounds filmed fake jade bracelet

on October 9, 2012, Christie’s held 6968 jewelry auction, ms jiang in Shanghai for 17500 pounds on the auction house web site took a pair of myanmar jadeite jade bracelet, on November 15, she got the jade bracelet, as ms jiang immersed in the joy of jadeite jade bracelet, but a highly knowledgeable friend jade bracelet put forward can be processed. After friends remind, madame Chiang on November 27, came to Shanghai gold and silver products quality supervision and inspection center of the state to identify. Inspection center after infrared spectrum identification conclusion: the two jadeite jade bracelet is via filling processing and dyeing processing substandard goods, real value should be no more than 100 pounds.

after that jade bracelet is fake, madame Chiang and Christie’s contact immediately, she suggests, Christie’s can not be returned trading commissions 3500 pounds, but it must be returned to the jade bracelet for 14000 pounds. & other; Christie’s report must provide identification to handle & throughout; . Ms jiang told a reporter, in her will be sent to each other after appraisal report and related materials, the other party says it can’t refund, the only reason is given auction clients has a high reputation.

UK Christie’s

prior to the shoot that items without identification

on December 11, Ms. Jiang for reporters a British Christie’s attorney about this final reply, Christie’s insisted on a refund, not letter, I give some reason: Christie’s party because they have said the items on the manual of lots without testing, not to guarantee its natural texture, this one; Second, they said because items are open, the buyer can apply for to identify items, again to buy, but madame Chiang was made after verification, as a result, they can only regret about it.

on December 11, the reporter will ms jiang’s complaints reflect to Christie’s Shanghai office, the other says that involve the media affairs shall be handled by Beijing office. Reporter then contact miss to Christie’s Beijing office m, she said she can only receive complaints of related problems of the mail. The next day, said miss m & other; We can’t disclosed to a third party, the client has contacted us & throughout; . But according to the reporter to verify, madame Chiang and not get in touch with Christie’s Beijing office. In auction houses have many years experience of Mr Liang told reporters, according to past experience, the auction house sold fake prosecuted, court will auction house is liable.