Female painter painting “new four wit figure” han guo selected (figure)

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han zhang guo selected beauty painter” new four wit figure “

China folk besides & other; Four big beauty & throughout; Household layman, & other; The big four wit & throughout; Is also a popular familiar, relish by many people at one’s leisure. The big four wit & other common said Jiangnan four wit & throughout; , indicate the generation of life in today is jiangsu four generation of talented young men of letters, temperament and easy more refers to tong pak fu, ZhuZhiShan, levy Ming and Xu Zhenqing (in film and TV works & other; Zhou Wenbin & throughout; As the fictional characters, and no person) in history, so, the contemporary & other; The big four wit & throughout; And who? After the new figure, “the four most beautiful women, the four major beauty NanTu news caused the social from all walks of life after the debate, han han, zhang, guo jingming, TangGuSanShao controversial writers in the integration of the beauty of painter jun-ying wang new four large figure of a person, was inevitable lot of netizen.

“new four figure of a person” in the Ming dynasty & other; Jiangnan four wit & throughout; Top of tong pak fu in those days the yellow house in suzhou as the background, the peach blossom, gurgling water, green trees, castle peak is linger, han han, zhang, guo jingming, TangGuSanShao four today’s literary world in China, such as the most social awareness of the young writer from left to right and unified to hit the palace red & other; Palace guards & throughout; Clothing, winks, or posing, big show MOE, stunned beings. While some netizens from & other; The new four wit & throughout; Found in the name of the fun, think & other; The new four wit & throughout; Respectively referred to as “for & other; 1 & throughout; , & other Korea 2 & throughout; (han Chinese pinyin is two & other; Han”) , tang three, four (guo guo was said & other; Guo 4 d & throughout; And & other Guo small four), & other; Bills Korea two tang guo four such coincidence it’s so incredible, the language of the Chinese nation great really ridiculous! Throughout the &;

oil paintings “new four wit figure” selected profile:

han: Shanghai jinshan, writer, professional hand, editor in chief. Junior high school started writing and submissions, was awarded the first new concept composition contest, high drop out of school, published in 1999, the first novel triple gate, then the domestic literature best-selling record, by the United States in 2010 time magazine voted 100 affect one of the figures in the world.

zhang: hunan YueYangRen, writer, famous cultural planners. “Don’t” have been published, “hard”, “the hype to learn”, “the dream of red mansions”, “I’m not a human scum” and “take a three to see people” and so on more than ten books, for & other; Ugly geography & throughout; Series and & other Fundamental mo yan & throughout; , & other The Chinese nation is a descendant of the snake & throughout; Social cultural events such as often in the forefront of public opinion.

guo: sichuan zigong city people, to be one of the groups after 80 writers in mainland China, the world culture development co., LTD., chairman of Shanghai, the most novel, “the comic”, after the school magazine editor, first book published in 2002, “love and pain of edge, in 2003 for the fantasy” visionary “and known by people and attention.

TangGuSanShao: Beijing shijingshan, & other; The king of Chinese writer list network & throughout; Winner, qidian platinum writer, 2011 and tie ning, yu hua, liu zhen, Chen zhongshi and jia pingwa, luxurious dictions, Tang Haoming elected Chinese writers association of national committee members, become China’s highest authority of the first network writer.