Female underground for up to 14 years by reputation “hold the pulse of Chiang kai-shek”

& other; Spy rose & throughout; Shen Anna

Shen Anna (1915-2010), formerly known as shen wan, born in 1915 in jiangsu taixing a scholarly family feudal family, then married a fellow revolutionaries huaming (wuxi). Shen Anna worked as the central party in the kuomintang internal senior stenographer, a steady stream to a variety of information to our party. Earlier this year, the national security agency in Shanghai in order to commemorate the huaming hundred years old birthday, published “huaming, Shen Anna HuaChuan”, vivid and detailed describes them lurking in the enemy headquarters, through hardships, the heroic deeds of wits with the enemy.

Shen Anna in shorthand, red mark is her.

transmitting intelligence small suitcase.

in recent years, various latent theme film and television popular, different sand a bloody fight with the enemy fighters, undercover in the kuomintang internal latent personnel, experienced by is a smokeless battle. The spy rose “latent Shen Anna prototype is famous underground workers, she worked as the central party in the kuomintang internal senior stenographer, doing as well as all kinds of officials to attend the meeting of shorthand, and her husband huaming mutual cooperation, latent for 14 years. Yangzi evening news reporter in the city of wuxi xishan district archives met the huaming kiss John Watkins, the family and the related data, to witness the Shen Anna & other; Educational element in & throughout; The true story, restore a true image of underground workers.