Feng is good at investment works of art: a collection of three years to earn 4 million (FIG.)

feng work.

since September and zeng fanzhi paintings “one mind”, in a charity auction after the high price 17 million yuan, feng xiaogang’s relationship with art more closely. Feng xiaogang private also collect a lot of contemporary art, his collection of a oil painting clinch a deal in this year’s autumn sales, made $4 million in three years.

in the afternoon of October 31 Gardner in 2012 autumn & other; The human body modelling art performance & throughout; Early oil paintings, fei-yun Yang clinch a deal the woman and the cat to 6.9 million yuan, to become the highest price items. It was in 2009, feng xiaogang Yu Baoli auction was purchased for $2.856 million, three years to increase more than 140%, visible, feng xiaogang to art investment is also very good at it.

(text/chongqing morning news reporters ling-qiang kong intern reporter zhang shu cross)