Feng jincai, “human” is the Chinese the most “hit”

xinhuanet tianjin jan 22 (reporter Zhou Runjian) in lunar nonyl on the arrival of the Spring Festival, dragon year counselor of the state council, China folk artist association President feng jincai said in an interview with xinhua news agency reporters, & other; The milk of human kindness & throughout; Is Chinese the deepest & other; Throughout the festival atmosphere &; .

feng jincai, said, is one of the largest FengSuXing festival of the Chinese nation. From the laba to the fifteenth, lasted more than a month, the north and the south with vulgar, celebrate, is one of the biggest festival in the world. Even in the west wind is strong today, at the end of a busy & other; Travel & throughout; A particular year. Those years in the outside, no matter where, whenever possible, they should be on the road home, enjoy the warmth of home and homes.

feng jincai pointed out that lived a group of Chinese life, the most wonderful yearning is close and harmony in the world. This, has the love of parents and elders, also have brothers involvement, neighborhood assistance, friends phase transfer, as well as the feelings of attachment to his hometown. Family reunions, so in common, eve of the first few days on the relatives and friends of each other, their New Year’s greetings, and so on, which is to strengthen and sustain this kind of feelings in the world. Reunion is the Chinese people’s longing. The milk of human kindness, give the festival atmosphere with strong flavor of life, this is also the Chinese most festival atmosphere.

Spring Festival approaching, why so many people on a hard journey, still home, this is because there is a special festival atmosphere in attracting him. Feng jincai regrets ground say, go home during the Spring Festival, appear in front of you not only have a love of family, member friend and partner, former neighbors, and snacks, local custom and old street old childhood.

while away from home for too long, but at this moment what ran into a details, will drag sleep deep in the heart of the old suddenly to the front. Feng jincai fondly said, remember that I once met a out on the streets for at least 30 years of middle school students, the moment forget his name, but say call him by his nickname & other; A lioness & throughout; . Unfortunately, at this moment the nickname as if there is a magical power, warm us back to the naive and innocent, intimate boyhood. We started to ask each other, said he, talk about now, talk about the past; Say to the classmates, also is the nickname, provoked we were laughing.

& other; Spring Festival the most important folk festival of the Chinese nation includes the spirit of many meanings: reunion, celebration, peace, peace. Throughout the &; Feng jincai, & other; Years of the Chinese people, is the day when people increase the national cohesion and affinity, and national this there are a lot of affinity is supported by our folk, folk custom is not to see, not has nothing to do with us, but it is closely combined with us. It is potential, invisible, but it is a kind of spontaneous emotions, the unity of emotion to the key when it comes to hair comes out, this kind of invisible power is true power. Throughout the &;