Feng xiaogang celebrities such as poking fun at the moon cake: eat, don’t like, and diabetes

tomorrow, the Chinese traditional festival & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Mid-Autumn Festival

yesterday, director feng xiaogang on weibo poking fun at the Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes: received & other; Not directly send me cash & throughout; , the netizens. So, should the Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes? Moon cake is the food or a gift? Chengdu commercial daily reporter to interview many of the celebrity culture entertainment stars, perform their solutions of moon cakes, please. One of the most prominent is the “bashu genius minglun wei, & other; I have diabetes, how say eat moon cakes? Throughout the &;

the chengdu commercial daily reporter Ceng Ling Chen Mou reports for you

feng lead

poking fun at moon cakes confused

yesterday, & other; App & throughout; Feng xiaogang and on weibo poking fun at the Mid-Autumn festival, & other; Send moon cakes of the elder brothers, you want to send what I’m sorry I don’t think the Mid-Autumn festival, don’t send it is you do not battle righteousness, that you not directly send me cash? I can give you according to the price of the cakes play a folded, you spend less I also fell a real benefit. Me this proposal is not reasonable? Throughout the &; Some netizens praised its & other; How many people naked out of the room. Throughout the &; The star as a public figure, moon cake and other gifts more commonplace.

yesterday, fan bingbing Zhao Meng studio staff told reporters that fan bingbing is new the propaganda of the mid-term second exposure, & other; Every one place will receive the gift of fans, including some mooncakes. Throughout the &; For these gifts, fan bingbing will keep some fans have their gifts of attentively, & other; Also is not very expensive. Throughout the &; And eat the moon cake is made from the studio staff to share.

is known to all, the moon cake is famous for its high quantity of heat high sugar, so how stars wanting to digest them. Depression can only publicist ronaldinho told reporters that this year yu can receive the moon cake is not much, only her individual be fond of egg yolk moon cakes taste, most of them are sent to friends and loved ones to share, but based on the principle of saving, & other; Fans don’t want to spend too much money on buying gifts. Throughout the &; Also, tan weiwei’s assistant said, tan weiwei after receiving moon cakes also gave more friends and family.

musician best swimmers action

can eat moon cakes

can send welfare homes

in addition to family members and friends, famous music producer best swimmers yesterday on weibo recommend another take full advantage of the good ideas of moon cakes & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Send spare moon cakes to welfare & throughout; , this activity by online & other; Teng taken our & throughout; Write notes, activities, and other Mid-Autumn festival will come, you will also receive a few box of moon cakes, but they don’t have any interest to open the packaging, not to mention eating mooncakes? Please don’t waste your idle hands of moon cakes, here we use the power of microblogging, raise everybody received spare moon cakes, to those who need to fill the gap of happiness for them. Throughout the &; The activities are mainly limited to Beijing children’s welfare homes, but there are many online users respond to this activity.

bring cultural celebrities words bring bread

minglun wei: many people sent me the moon cake, but I have diabetes

writer minglun wei also received a lot of moon cakes, a variety of flavors, minglun wei said that now the moon cake culture has gone bad, a lot of moon cakes he didn’t open it to someone else, & other; I have diabetes, also don’t like to eat this, not rice cake tastes good. Throughout the &;

minglun wei said, mooncakes symbolize reunion, reunion, sour and moon cake gift more and more in recent years, it is still a rarity in famine s, in the reunion taste is also very weak now, & other; Is mainly used to contact contacts, commercial atmosphere, the packing is also very scary. Throughout the &;

dust cleaning: it is a matter of protocol, the existence and inheritance of necessary

to send, receive the moon cake, the writer how look upon? Last night, the reporter to contact the writer clean the dust, she think eating moon cakes the culture can’t be banned, so give the habit of moon cakes is continue to each other. She tells a reporter, she didn’t know much of mooncakes culture, but the Mid-Autumn festival to send moon cake the etiquette is part of the festival. & other; Because it is a tradition, without this tradition, more don’t like the Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn festival, so each other to send moon cake necessary to survive. Throughout the &;

this year Mid-Autumn festival has not been to and clean dust is received from friends moon cakes, but she thinks now closed to send moon cakes have been overrun, unlike normal & other; If it more in the home, also don’t waste, from food itself, moon cakes can be a bit fat, unfavorable eat more healthy, suggest appropriate to eat some, so there are some holidays after an atmosphere of emotional appeal, the redundant and share with friends and relatives and neighbors. Throughout the &; So send the moon cake, to clean the dust, also is a kind of harmony of social activities.

mai jia: it is a movable feast

in the eyes of famous writer mai jia, the Mid-Autumn festival to send the moon cake is a movable feast, he say give each other a moon cake also belong to the traditional culture, he told chengdu commercial daily reporter, & other; Although also pretty wasteful, but people is such ah, at a certain time node, occasionally splurge manufacturing environment, the feast is a reaction of human nature, very normal, otherwise days like no holiday, time no node, for example, like people building build walls, at some time need to be a pillar, or side walls is very monotonous, at a certain time, certain node, just need a little something special. Throughout the &;

bring about the Mid-Autumn festival to eat moon cakes origin bring

one of China’s traditional festivals, for lunar calendar in August 15. In August for the second month, in the fall of the ancient called Mid-Autumn, because in the autumn and August, so the folk called Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the chuseok, the mid autumn festival, half in August, the moon and the day, month, and since the day the moon full circle, symbol of reunion, also known as the mid autumn festival.

minglun wei told reporters that the Mid-Autumn festival to eat moon cakes began in the yuan dynasty. At that time, the joint rostrum resistance forces to the uprising. But the court officers and soldiers searched very closely, very difficult to impart information. Strategist liu bowen has come up with an idea, with the slogan & other; August 15 night uprising & throughout; Slip inside the pancake, and then sent separately to around the rebel army, of after the success of the uprising, zhu yuanzhang hurriedly happily make announcement.that, in the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, let all the soldiers and the people, and then started to secret information & other Moon cakes & throughout; As a seasonal cakes reward ministers. Since then, & other; Moon cakes & throughout; Made more sophisticated, more variety, such as disk, become a popular gift. Mooncakes are to Mid-Autumn festival after it became popular in the folk.