Feng yuxiang fake news on April fool’s day “prophecy” : the United States Jiang Gong beauty shot

in 1947, feng yuxiang and Mrs Joe lee and daughter Feng Lida in the Pacific west bank

shortly after victory in the Anti-Japanese War, the April fool’s day in 1946, the Shanghai times and the symplectic newspaper published respectively & other Exclusive news & throughout; : the anti-japanese generals arrived in Shanghai and then & other; To the investigation of water conservancy & throughout; , venal nationalist & other; Receiver & throughout; Jiang Gong beauty was shot.

these are made up of April fool’s day & other; Exclusive news & throughout; , unexpectedly let the kuomintang authorities in Shanghai. More interestingly, & other; Exclusive news & throughout; Then have all become a reality, is unique on the history of April fool’s day black humor.

1. Feng yuxiang to inspect water

the original Shanghai old journalists association summer will be destroyed in the distribute on April fool’s day I had a & other surprising news & throughout;” , detailed tells the story of the “Shanghai times fake news published April fool’s day stories.

1946 on April 1, April fool’s day, the Shanghai times published a & other; Exclusive news & throughout; , the headline “feng yuxiang yesterday flew to Shanghai”, subtitle is “ready to go abroad to study water resources” guo moruo Shi Liang also flight to Shanghai.

in this paper, the reporter to & other; On-site interview & throughout; Tone, realistic sense is very strong, also plausibly, introduces the general feng yuxiang to a pair of new poetry: & other; Oriental Paris don’t ten years, people still crying. I hope the United States after you come back, everyone has a full meal. Throughout the &; The poem & other; The Oriental Paris & throughout; , refers to Shanghai.

this is probably a reasonably good fake news due to fabricate, so after was caused strong repercussions in the community, many readers, have to call the Shanghai times editorial office.

during the Anti-Japanese War, general feng yuxiang in collaboration with the communist party, anti-japanese together, against the side resistance, side anti-communist policy; After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, he again against civil war, dictatorship and traitorous Chiang kai-shek policies, and initiated and Li Jishen organized revolutionary committee of the Chinese kuomintang, so spying by the kuomintang secret service.

the Shanghai times & other; Exclusive news & throughout; Suddenly announced & other; Feng yuxiang yesterday flew to Shanghai & throughout; , & other; To the investigation of water conservancy & throughout; The what is going on? The kuomintang secret service in Shanghai at that time the panic hands and feet, the size of spy hurriedly ask around individually, feng yuxiang and seek to be seen.

the spies managed to figure it out: this day is April fool’s day on April 1, this is fake news to the Shanghai authorities opened a big joke. Although the secret service for the Shanghai times, but now that took place in April fool’s day, also had to laugh.

but who didn’t expect that, before long, general feng yuxiang if from arrived in Shanghai, and forced to & other; To the investigation of water conservancy & throughout; , false news has become a true prophecy! Feng yuxiang in 1946 on September 2, couples with a daughter Feng Lida line 8 people, from Shanghai port on the liner to the United States. Before he left, he wrote a poem: & other; This far away beauty, don’t forget oneself country, DE intelligence research group, the construction of new Chinese back. Throughout the &;

2. Jiang Gong beauty corrupt was shot

Shanghai at that time, there is a sheen newspaper, was founded by Yao Sufeng. The newspaper was founded on June 1, 1936, on November 13, 1937 publication; On September 3, 1945 muckraking, August 31, 1946; again Muckraking again on August 28, 1948, died on May 12, 1949, nearly 13 years before and after.

sheen newspaper in 1946, the day on April 1, April fool’s day also ran an & other; Exclusive news & throughout; Beauty, the title is “Jiang Gong shot today. Jiang Gong beauty who? He is the kuomintang military police captain in Shanghai after the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression.

Jiang Gong beauty back to Shanghai, the competitors, to & other; Receiver & throughout; The identity of the worm, received a lot of business. He and many receiver both affinity and make an enemy, take on corruption, misappropriation of ill-gotten gains, due to the uneven spoils, be prosecuted, on the evening of October 14, 1945, was arrested by battle of Shanghai garrison command.

when Jiang Gong beauty corruption by the kuomintang army headquarters and the battle of Shanghai garrison command, soldier’s bearing and discipline tour group tripartite came, the army headquarters senior staff Li Shenzhi as the presiding judge. On February 10, 1946, Li Shenzhi openly declared Jiang Gong beautiful innocent, public outcry.

a few days later, the mayor of Shanghai and the kuomintang battle of Shanghai garrison commander money big jun held a press conference, said Jiang Gong beauty corrupt case, the presiding organ should be a battle of Shanghai garrison command, the trial is not over, the army headquarters senior staff Li Shenzhi improper judgment without authorization, the generalissimo review will be submitted to the military commission.

it is uncertain fate in the Jiang Gong beauty, XiongJi, xin newspaper & other on April 1, Exclusive news & throughout; Suddenly reports & other; Jiang Gong beauty shot today & throughout; , make people sell, applaud, and some also to set off firecrackers and other Send athel loren & throughout; . This, of course, the kuomintang authorities in Shanghai is very embarrassed.

on May 28, two battles Jiang Gong beauty was garrison command sentenced to five years and six months, and confiscate the money and goods all private property, and everybody thought has settled the case. But is stunning, on October 15, two battles garrison command suddenly posted & other; About big criminal executed Jiang Gong beauty & throughout; The notice board. On November 6, two battles garrison command staked Jiang Gong beauty arena executed in the park.

more black humor colors, Jiang Gong beauty because of the competitors, grabbed & other; Wang residence & throughout; (wang) in Shanghai was the best in a limousine. Battle of Shanghai garrison commander in chief and li LAN came late step, then to Jiang Gong beauty cars delivered up, ginger don’t buy his account, Li Shen hate it. Shoot Jiang Gong from France, when the officer in charge of the execution is and li LAN.

false news “Jiang Gong beauty today (9 April fool’s day has become reality, and li LAN not rob luxury cars, unexpectedly to Jiang Gong beauty of stealing a car head, it & other; A fool & throughout; . At this point, Jiang Gong beauty fraud finally the dust settles, at a time when public opinion think this & other; Anger is to borrow the man’s head pressure & throughout; , & other; Flies, don’t shoot tigers & throughout; .