Financial fraud suspects madoff underwear and photography a total of $4800

according to report of xinhua news agency huge financial fraud suspects Bernard & middot; Madoff’s personal belongings 5 auction Florida in the United States, including 14 underwear.

these underwear from madoff located in palm beach, clinch a deal worth $200.

most items for everyday items, including a handful of works of art at the same time. A creation in the great depression era of the photographic work “naked” sold for $4600.

about 6000 people via the Internet to participate in the auction. All proceeds from the auction of about $400000, madoff used for compensation & other; Ponzi scheme & throughout; The victim.

Mr Madoff’s previous auction items, including yachts, watches and other valuables, income is used to compensate the victim.

madoff financial fraud exposure in December 2008, the amount about $36 billion. The following year in June, Mr Madoff securities fraud, money laundering and perjury charges was sentenced to 150 years in prison. Manhattan federal district court ordered all property deprived of Mr Madoff’s name.