Five dynasties and ten states most open relationship: explore regimen pursuit room

in this paper, from the most history: interpretation of alternative history mystery, LuWeiBing, Beijing science and technology press

which period in the history of Chinese men and women of the most open? From the sky and the earth into the ancient civilization, especially the Confucianism after unification, China’s men and women relation is not open, so to speak. The ancients speak & other; ShouShouBuQin men and women, the ritual throughout & also; To keep a certain distance, this is the etiquette, is a civilization. And he said & other; See no evil, sex sounds & throughout; Made clear requirements, even the sensory status. Like now, let go of the idea Yin, that is absolutely not drop. To learn to do evil city, sit bosom not disorderly is a gentleman. Carelessly in spirit, maybe want to smoke themselves face twice.

the ancient moral codes, is a woman of constraints. Girl expresses, do some sewing, a sole son, embroidered a flower or something. Doing anything that is good: a hand, not go out to stir up trouble; Second, also can gradually adapt to the lonely. With the popular term is again? I not shoes base, is lonely. Steal the embroidered yuanyang what, even stop, absolutely ashamed known. Well, miss, for the daughter of rich second generation, can in the back garden a swing, catch a butterfly or something, it was already very luxury entertainment. Unlike now, a bunch of men and women mix build, karaoke drinking late into the night. When the woman saw a strange man, even with good will, is & other; And shame & throughout; , up to a & other; Looking back by the door, but throughout the greengage smell &; . Put aside now, wow, the handsome boy! Gee!

of course, the ancient society and on the other side. Since Mr Lay my opening of China’s earliest & other; Female Lv & throughout; (i.e., official that what, be equivalent to a private bath, karaoke bars, entertainment city, nightclub, etc), since there are brothels, ancient entertainment special arty people chase after hold in both hands, most have a catchy poetry. Also sometimes to tax official, & other; Female, and accept man’s money into the officer & throughout; (wei book). But this place is like a red light district, is a special region, is limited to a few bustling metropolis, where does not have. In barefoot grain lun picks hoeing folk, is to want to also don’t want to, one who play a bag on soybean sorghum is decorous, eat what ah.

politics of the old thing is man, a woman should speak bad luck, not free to publicity. Even the queen mother of the scenes, also want to hang in front of the curtain, this is not just a question of dignity and political need, also is the result of the taboo of the woman. There are exceptions, of course, the emperor is not constrained, that’s right, for the continuation of dynasty the lifeblood, can fully open and enliven, enliven the object nature is a woman; Queen ability also has, palace of the church has always been in history, actually looked at seems quite much, do you want to fine count, return true not much, after all, thousands of years of history, no is not normal, but is a special case.

however, the categories of things is bad control, various dynasties, various periods, and also has spread more men and women from the desert. Dirty smelly han, tang is two times the side of the picture. Dirty smelly han tang is not, however, men and women relation, the most open period in Chinese history because dirty smelly things, in court, or the bustling metropolis, chang ‘an, luoyang, has not spread to every corner of the folk. Not to say men and women relation truly open era, of five hu the sixteen, chaos in the Chinese history of the most complex of the special historical period, even in private, and few taboos, between men and women can be said to be the common open (of course, I said is the ancient).

cultural customs, determines the relationship between the opening degree. A small example, western jin dynasty ago, people wear shoes, woman is round head, man is lag, & other; Early as DE patinagem DE, her head round, man head square. Round is suitable, so don’t men and women throughout the &; In order to the difference between men and women. By the early jin emperor wudi, & other; DE patinagem DE woman is head square, and men don’t & throughout; (” the Book of Jin “), has begun to ambiguity between men and women. But things may be small, subversive. As now, the west wind east gradually, after a bit the identity of the men and women, with hugs cover instead of shaking hands in public. Shook hands put aside the past, don’t want to, so we have a lot of praise hand verse handed down from ancient times, such as & other; Red hands, daemonorops margaritae wine & throughout; (lu you “reproduction of”), for example, & other The wind to fold, the quality looked back to the hands & throughout; (tu mu willow alone), & other; Xian hand, stroke vertical wire liu & throughout; (WeiZhuang “river”), are the hands hands. Now, hand again crisp again fiber, carved on the flowers, it still hand, nothing attractive. In pursuit of higher art, behavior or form our interest, already strides on the ground or move down.

five hu the sixteen times the most typical is the cultural conflict. When northern surge in the number of conference semifinals, the guanzhong’s one million people & other; Jonqdia in half & throughout; (” the Book of Jin “), is very prosperous. Nomadic people due to factors such as living environment and development lags behind, has its own unique customs and culture. Such as the huns customs & other; Father’s death, his wife the stepmother. Brother to death, taking his wife wife throughout the &; (shiji), xianbei is & other; Married stepmother, the widowed sister-in-law, dead reverts to its reason, & throughout; (” were “). And for them, survival is first, women didn’t hide in the rear of the capital, as well as to public, so less taboo between men and women.

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culture always influence each other, in the conference semifinals constantly absorbing the han nationality of advanced culture at the same time, also is bound to bring the central plains different exotic, also affects the han culture of central plains. Conference semifinals customs, this is the central plains han people hated, but see more, hear, is normal, besides Hu Han intermarriage, also let the custom culture fusion. Under such as han Chinese in the past dress coat, because the conference semifinals to horseback riding, is under the jacket pants, more agility, so the Chinese will follow. Again, for example, jin emperor wudi, & other; Chinese nationality with hu bed yet nirvana, and for the qiang nationality broiled, noble room, rich will cattle throughout its implement &; (” the Book of Jin “), the conference semifinals stuff is noble, is affected by the confliction. For a while, the northern han Chinese also proud of say Hu Yu said Hu Yu already, does not necessarily not care of hu.

this time men and women relation of open one of the most main reason, is much less of the population. Since the han, the war continued, to five hu reached its peak when the sixteen, according to the general standard, the three countries, the country a total of & other; Throughout seven million six hundred and seventy-two thousand eight hundred and eighty-one & four hundred and seventy-three thousand four hundred and thirty-three, mouth; , the population is poor. By the end of the jin troubled times, the population fell to its lowest since the qin and han dynasties. Would be smart, you said that when disasters, more natural disasters also follow, plague, floods, earthquakes occurred frequently, that was a hot water, a lot of places together naked and no one lives, people’s living environment suffered serious challenges. Some local food is not enough to eat, so that appear & other; People eat & throughout; (” TongJian “). & other; Storage and etiquette, well fed and upright & throughout; , almost naked, to eat, did not even eat rice, who has to scruples of rotten betrayal of shame.

in this case, between countries, in addition to the territory, is rob population, what is power and light of site nobody, who are you when the emperor to? Lived like a big house, doesn’t even have a nanny maid, superiority no? The emperor is not only to the minister when, he also need people worshipped, also need labor to give them to create wealth, need someone to military service, to the war, can’t do without a population. So increase the population of this period to be a major problem, is placed in the first birth naturally, it is easy to understand, we now population is much, not put the family planning to the first place? The same). Official to increase population, adopted many measures, such as jin tai beginning emperor wudi nine years (that is, 273 AD), was given a letter to the & other; Women in 17 parents don’t marry, make long collectors throughout with the &; (chapter), to 17 is not marry the government will give you arranged. So at that time didn’t marry at a mature age, there will be no more leftover women, what slanting melon crack jujube is a baby, lack of people. Give priority to with family, the taboos between men and women will be left to one side. And killed men of war, women have to publicity, replace man to do something, there will be more contact between men and women, the story of a lot of should not also began to happen.

thought vane of migration, is also a realistic problem of this period can not be ignored. War disaster let a person feel confused, the impermanence of life spiritual emptiness. So people no longer believe in Confucianism, began to advocate the situation, the wind of daxing metaphysics. Reflect on life, the pursuit of luxury, pay attention to enjoy, have now if not tomorrow. And explore the method of preserve one’s health, the pursuit of room. Man let go, you need a woman to cooperate, so & other; Indulge sex, and its ultimate & throughout; , JinHui emperor yuan kang years, & other; Drink of your swim for distributing Luo body with children, to get male concubine & throughout; (” the Book of Jin “), so open, staggering. Well-known & other; Han Shou pick & throughout; Story took place in this period, the thought is open, also increasingly open to men and women relation.

this period there are two nots allow to ignore social problems: one is gay. Such as & other; Young men daxing, xianning, minzhu after womanizing, and scholars who are still, the phase to follow & throughout; (” the Book of Jin “), the degree of thought liberation is not low. The second is the increasing number of refugees. Refugees must be mixed, of no fixed abode. What more you ban, the more feel mysterious, can not help but also it’s not a big deal. Eat with the men and women, even living outdoors, with add almost naked, not only between a man and a woman not afraid, even there is no longer what shy, after all, survival is the first.

in fact, as long as see the poetry of this period, the degree of the openning up of the men and women, and also is just a thing or two. Sun Chao the wrote songs lover jasper: & other; Jade melon, phase is upside down. Feeling, not shy, megan is lang & throughout; And has been irritable mood and love; Yang Fang, request of poems have & other; Sit to knee, line is willing hand in hand. Static I don’t move, son swim without I leave & throughout; , also enough dirt; BaoZhao “the generation of the king of huainan,” & other; Wish one by one the bright moon into jun bosom & throughout; , & other Because you hate jun relies on your love & throughout; , the expression of love is more that the bold and unrestrained. Even later and erotic literature, & other YangJun; Six words of song ci, sensuality and cumbersome, secular, called “Yang five partners” throughout the &; , his printing presses, & other; Write and sell, in the city throughout the &; (” the history of the north “), are one of the best seller, at that time if there is a list, the Forbes writer its sales coupled at the top.