“Flirting scholar” suspected bookseller forged real tong pak fu in the examination hall fraud case

& other; Flirting scholar & throughout; Suspected bookseller forged real tong pak fu in examination hall scandal

flirting scholar stories from “JiaoChuang nine record”, the author is a great collector XiangYuanBian in Ming dynasty. Just according to revised with the catalogue abstract of imperial qing dynasty, the book is very little rough, the son of Chinese book prove Wen Peng of sequence, is also a low level, so that is a bookseller fake, purpose, of course, is to borrow the name of two people sold.

if it is reliable to XiangYuanBian s, he described generally true. If are latecomers forge, the story is quite unreliable. But, at least in the JiaoChuang nine record book s, tong pak fu love wit a reputation, has been widely circulated.

Tong pak fu is likely to be in the history of

so, what does it look like? In the Ming dynasty those painters “& other; Tang Yin & throughout; In an article, li boat showed us a possible real tong pak fu’s personal image, and to analyze its artistic achievement and the appropriate evaluation.

in the boat, li says tong pak fu genius earlier, is a bit too much. When he was 17 years old, remain “zhen ShouTang figure”, 10 years older than him, then done does history of wu peng inscription said: & other; Noon, age of child fear in the 17th, and rock branches such as Zhou, folds such as wire, if less aims, then should? Throughout the &;

from tong pak fu early works, clearly visible its mature painting, so-called & other; If less aims, then should? Throughout the &; . Visible from almost unanimously in the works, but judging level techniques, boat think tong pak fu li & other; Accept a already quite mature, close to the zhejiang send drawing style. Throughout the &;

in the imperial examination, tong pak fu has gained an unprecedented success. At the age of 16, stressed by the first rank, 29 years old in 1498 should be tianfu, after having obtained in the metropolitan examinations (nanjing), high school first share-win. Opposite with him, he was born of the same year the little brothers prove, but repeatedly test failure, after having obtained for nine times, take an examination of the 27 years, all lost, although later were recommended, got a academician courtyard to the identity of the imperial edict, lifetime only rank of fame.

however, in terms of its life, the result was totally unexpected. In 1499, in Beijing to tong pak fu in the examination hall fraud case, despite the leniency, but from then on, no hope of imperial examinations, on the path of a professional painter. Although left a merry wit a reputation, but the rest of my life but live for 55 years.

article prove but rely on the day after tomorrow to study hard, and finally become a generation of unique & other; DE art life & throughout; Three jasmine masters, and centered on the final form & other Wu door painting & throughout; The decisive influence on the development of the literati paintings in the future. When prove in 1559, at the age of 90 – year – old pen away, he died at the record, is almost multiples of tong pak fu.

the prove of hard, can be seen from the works of the remain very clear, in the boat, lee throughout prove works, & other; Almost can’t see any style of mutations. From the picture of a careful, rigorous, feel like an self-torture monk is a painting, close to the masochistic, complete the practice process. From the extraordinary author of the power of self-discipline. Throughout the &;

the reason, in addition to its own characteristics, the text prove there is a good love him understand his father. When tang Yin share-win senior high school, life, prove it again in the shame of failure. The father said Wen Lin to write to him, & other; Son good night into, and harmless. Throughout the &; Then said & other; Son fear (tong) to appropriate FaXie, however is frivolous, fear nothing, my son, as far as it not and also. Throughout the &;

really is a language into astonishment, are visible Wen Lin look great.

two talented person, the same year, by fellow life fate is so different. Works of art and value, nature is completely different.

the author: Liang Fu tong pak fu. The expansion