Folk experts: the winter solstice eat dumplings is in memory of “the medical sage” zhang zhongjing

according to “Chinese almanac”, the Beijing time 22 1 11 points, will usher in the lunar 24 solar terms & other Throughout the winter solstice &; , marked the our country & other; In midwinter & throughout; . What most people think of the winter solstice is not important festival, also is to eat dumplings. Reporter recently interviewed in liaoning college of liberal arts, professor Yang too, “he said in YanZhou period, the winter solstice festival essentially equivalent to the Spring Festival. More winter solstice as big as a year later, the court and the folk has always been very seriously, since the zhou dynasty ritual activities.

a year calendar on December 22, or so as the winter solstice, when the sun longitude 270 degrees, the sun point-blank tropic of Capricorn, almost reach low solar radiation and sunshine time. Winter solstice this day, in the northern hemisphere the shortest, the longest night, so the winter solstice in the past dynasties in China, also known as & other; Short days & throughout; & other; Short days to & throughout; . The plain question & middot; pulse to subtle theory said: & other; Winter solstice 45 days, the sun be the spirit on the micro, Yin qi. Throughout the &; Mean, 45 days from this day to spring, the sun be the spirit rising, Yin qi gradually reduced, the day is getting longer, the night is getting shorter.

according to introducing, the winter solstice is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. As early as two thousand five hundred years ago in the spring and autumn period, China has been formed, the observation of the sun, the determination of the winter solstice, it is one of the earliest developed in the 24 solar terms, time in a year of the Gregorian calendar on 23 December 21 solstice, this day is the day was shortest in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the night.

you have different customs around the winter solstice, the north, people will eat dumplings, the tradition of eating wonton, southern region in the day to eat rice dumpling and long noodle, and at the time of the winter solstice subei people eat leeks Fried tofu. Yang said, the winter solstice eat dumplings, is not to forget & other; Medical sage & throughout; Zhang zhongjing & other; Remove cold jiao ear soup & throughout; Life. Nanyang still have & other; Winter solstice misconduct dumplings bowl, frozen off ears nobody tube & throughout; Folk songs.