Food in “jin ping mei” : a wood fire burn braise in soy sauce pig


” jin ping mei “float world draw back, hidden is countless diet sex

lanling was born in “jin ping mei” to focus on the civic groups, makes a vivid picture of the late Ming dynasty & other; Qingming festival painting & throughout; .

the description of the west door celebrate daily life scenes, in particular, to the study of Ming dynasty diet culture has a special value & hellip; & hellip;

a piece of wood to burn braise in soy sauce pig. Clean the pig blood and HuoKuaiZi burnt red, the pig’s mouth, ears, nose, after all burn to a wash. Pig head under the water pot poach remove blood again. To find out two tin, child (i.e., deep, dedicated to burn large pot of stew food).

put pig head, son, wait add water, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, horns, spring onion, rice wine, the water to boil, skim floating foam, in the farm big sauce, would another tin, tin tightly buckled in the stewed pig, son, sealed with tin foil paper.

after sealed, just a long wood fire in the stove, no two hours, the deep bright, delicious, crisp and rotten braise in soy sauce pig can be.

during this time, will be pounded into mashed garlic, garlic alone in a small dish. With large glass transparent plate bath chap sheng good slice, hot pig that dense maotai-flavor with bath chap peculiar aroma immediately filled the whole house!

claw Fried onion poach walnut meat. The long, cold winter is in the north, people will be a lot of vegetables in storage. In late autumn, people will tie it leeks, rows of pattern under the eaves, cover hulls, the winter can eat.

but in the spring, there will always be some scattered old green did not finish, bring forth buds as curved horns, claw is green.

sliced pork, with flowers to knife with decorative pattern, and starch, egg white, salt, mix well after curing for a while. Chicken soup to boil, put the good meat marinated in chicken soup cup of cooked for walnut meat, namely remove, claw shallot pan cooked, add the walnut meat is edible.

the milk pot crisp flipping mix young pigeons. The appetizer, cold dish is bottle son to Simon lee mansion. She was born in hebei province name a large house, often have steppe nomads to name the government business, and take the food into.

the first pigeon halide cooked in traditional way, cool, pigeon meat off with crisp cheese and salt mix well, because some sour taste, crisp cheese making this dish is very appetizing.

lotus cake (shandong flipping buns). From the brick griddle, ready for rush cushion, wheat straw, chopping board. One and good knead the dough on a chopping board chewiness, let it wake up for a while. Another person sitting in front of the griddle, wheat straw into a small fire, hot griddle baked slowly.

face to wake, knead the dough into appropriate degree of strip, cut into small face sub-agent, left hand picked up a sub-agent, on hand, right hand holding spindle rolling pin, rolling pin to push on small pieces of dough rolling, surface sub-agent turn three, small cake looks like it came out.

to combine the two ends of the rolling pin, push hands, little cookie automatic turning up on the board. Like magic, a white pancake batter came out. Potential with a rolling pin wafer start, conveniently pile beside the griddle.

griddle the hastily beside the cake stand, stand, wafers in a twinkling of an eye the vesicles, take up the steam, with a small bamboo will immediately flipping over a second, slightly toasted, a flipping buns is ready, put it beside the sorghum on a child.

GanZhang flies and white on the face is like clockwork, turning evenly and quickly. Griddle before the fast flip cake, danced up and down, very fast, sorghum on pile into a thick stack flipping buns.

lanling born before and after the writing of “jin ping mei”, it is the development of Chinese dietetic culture of its own success. With the development of social economy and the traditional culture, Chinese catering industry in the late Ming dynasty is enjoying a boom.

big-city hotel, teahouse and snack shop galore, north pin south of traders, the RenLaiKeWang bee saved ants gather, forming a special vision, flavor and distinctive genres different diet culture.

the above mentioned the delicious food and pastries omnivorous, food is “jin ping mei” the tip of the iceberg, the book also mentioned a lot of fresh fruits, wine, sweet tea, these unique diet, that we can see the late Ming dynasty in rich family life.