For the first time, scientists found that homeless planet without any gravitational bound (FIG.)

at the university of Montreal, Canada for the first time, scientists have discovered a & other; Young & throughout; , & other; Homeless & throughout; Planet, the planet is not bound by any gravity, volume about seven times that of Jupiter.

the planet was named CFBDSIR2149, scientists think it is the main reason for the homeless is not bound by gravity, nor any stars rotating around, look very lonely. Scientists said, although have argued that the planet is possible, but it is the first time that a single entity. Scientists in the study, but also the reference point was the French counterparts, Canada, France, astronomical telescope and the European southern observatory’s very large telescope and other data, and describe & other Found throughout the process of it is like looking for a needle in a haystack &; .

it is understood that the planet’s age between 50 million to 120 million, its surface temperature is 400 ℃. From the perspective of the region partition CFBDSIR2149 is considered to be AB swordfish mobile clusters (about 30 planets) part of the constellation of the planets are very & other; Young & throughout; .