French “mount tai girl” grow into big girl before the age of 10 and the beast companion (figure)

riding ostriches gallop

rode the ostrich ran

cheetah lick hands


get the cheetah lick hands

riding an elephant & other; ABU & throughout; Stroll

riding an elephant & other; ABU & throughout; Stroll

learn from indigenous hunting

learn from indigenous hunting

the 23-year-old’s leather & middot; DE grey

according to the American media reported Wednesday that the 23-year-old French girl’s skin & middot; He was born in 1990 in Africa, namibia, the elephant as a brother since she was young, riding down the ostrich and the lions sleep, play with the cheetah, follow baboons to climb trees, has been hailed as a real version & other; The girl & throughout; . The news that her graduation now to return to the place of birth & ndash; & ndash; Africa, namibia, become a special wildlife filmmakers, and the wild animal friends & other; Renew old & throughout; , calling for the harmony between man and nature.

grew up and the beast companion

it is reported that the 23-year-old French girl’s skin & middot; He was born in 1990 in Africa namibia is a wasteland. Her parents Alan & middot; DE grey and silver eu & middot; Robert is a professional wildlife photographer. Pedicle skin followed after birth parents in Africa south of the desert, the jungle, and contact with many wild animals. She and give the mutually close, to dance with the ostrich, chameleon, bullfrog, lions, baboons & hellip; Each one brought her fantasy, happiness, adventure, fantasy, and even the flesh, but in the end all became her best friend.

according to mother’s skin, seal, 57, eu introduced: & other; My daughter is a very lucky girl, she was born in the wild, almost entirely grew up in the wild. To grow up freely in a natural environment is a very magical feeling, only three of us with the wild animals, not too many people. Skin always said, this is the gift of her, she is the same as those animals think, consider them to be her friend, they are as big as her. She even with an elephant or a mild-mannered cheetah became friends, she named the elephant & lsquo; ABU & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

like a modern version of the “little Tarzan”

silver said: & other; She was not a bit afraid, she didn’t realize she and & lsquo; ABU & rsquo; Size difference is very big, she will watch & lsquo; ABU & rsquo; In the eyes, speak with it. Pedicle skin met & lsquo; ABU & rsquo; When he was only 18 months old, it is a special stage. Throughout the &; Incredible animal skin and friendship. Pedicle skin age of two and an elephant walk together, she will and lion cubs, sit for a few hours, with an ostrich dance together. Leather and the relationship between the bushmen of northern namibia is very good also, bushmen also regard her as a member of them. Her story is like a modern version of the prince of the forest (mount tai), has been adapted from a “small mount tai” animated film.

due to the small stalk skin always regard the ferocious wild animals as friends, who also take good care of her. Whenever her skin on the head called & other; Linda & throughout; When the female ostrich, the latter will move, because it will worry threw her skin. But her skin also had been flesh: once a sable raccoon dog bites her nose. She was at the age of 1994 years named & other Cindy & throughout; The baboon, due to jealousy, and other Cindy & throughout; Many of the hair ripped the pedicle skin. Skin feel very painful at that time. But the mother recalled: silver eu & other; When the skin return to Africa in 2006, baboons & lsquo; Cindy & rsquo; Play ran to her skin, her hair, her hair, the scene is very beautiful. Throughout the &;

don’t adapt to school life

in 1998, the eu and husband Alan will paper with all kinds of wild animals live in Africa the precious pictures together they “Africa’s skin” (Tippi of Africa), hope to arouse the consciousness of protecting natural. Childlike innocence girl is ferocious beast in the harmonious atmosphere and strong visual impact effect, once the book is published, accidentally touched countless adults, and small stalk skin overnight, also famous in the world, has been hailed as a & other; Mount tai girl & throughout; .

pedicle skin three spent ten years on the continent of Africa. In 2000, she was ten years old, followed the parents returned to Paris, attended a public school. However, to return to the & other; Throughout the civilized world &; Shortly after she found that his same age, children can’t adapt to the life of the school. Two years later, her skin was forced to drop out of school at home parents’ family education.

to return to Africa & other; Renew old & throughout;

in 2005, the skin will be her childhood with African wildlife interesting stories, write a Book My African Book (My Book of influenza). Immediately after the book was published a bestseller. The Discovery channel has cooperation with her and took six common reflect the natural scenery documentary in Africa.

in 2008, she was 18 years old, was admitted to Paris’s fourth university, majoring in film. Now 23, she had already blossoming into a graceful girl. After graduation she first in France a high ratings of the international game show producer, is responsible for the supervision and the welfare of the tiger and treatment, but she is still keen to beloved film. The latest development of pedicle skin fresh known to the outside world, it is said that she is African namibian passport, there are rumors that she had to return to Africa, and the wild animal friends & other; Renew old & throughout; . Lang day