Frequent visitors on the Great Wall graffiti half wall almost all have English message (figure)

to the Great Wall is the Chinese and foreign tourists come to Beijing will choose tourism destination, reporters found on the Great Wall is the foreign word graffiti.

reporter found that the mutian valley Great Wall trip on the walls of the blue brick flies in the visitors to stay here less than many, way above, occasionally to see & other; XXX to visit & throughout; Message, there are also & other; U.S.A, France, Russia” Such as such as foreigners leave a message. Can be more and found that the more the English message, wait for a battlement edge, the whole half wall are almost all English message, on the battlements, battlements platform between north and south two wall of graffiti on most of the foreigner, look & other Not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall & throughout; The proverb in the foreigner also influences deeply in the heart!