Friends talk about chai jing: she’s not wordy’t love to play Dare to spell liquor with the old man

on December 23, chai jing “saw” signings in center bookstore, enthusiastic readers will wai packed on site. “See” the first printed five hundred thousand copies, refresh the record publication. Why so hot? Chai jing has become a hot phenomenon, into the category of people talk about.

the chai jing & other; Her brothers & throughout; Also come to shenzhen, to “see” famous. They are all famous intellectuals and press, publishing, television, the city is a shock of the old man bureau & other Member of standing committee & throughout; . In history, and old men sitting around a square table, drank tea, & other; Chatting & throughout; Chai jing what they know.

the old man bureau chai jing

boring, do not love to play

old man bureau for seven years now, by the same interest of news and publishing of intellectuals. They eat about a month, so long as has the bureau will come to, & other things other Stand back & throughout; . What they don’t pay attention to eat, but in and who to eat. As long as together astronomical geography literature gossip, no don’t talk. Read library editor Leslie (6), the director of China on the tip of the tongue Chen Xiaoqing, publisher Yang Kui crashing (old), the writer li hui, producer, director MouSen independent drama, is the old man’s bureau & other Member of standing committee & throughout; . Occasionally there are few girls across, including the chai jing, wang xiaoya, xiao-nan Chen, etc.

chai jing is the active participant of the bureau, often is the older male or a female, she and he’s a beauty. & other; But we don’t when the children see her. Throughout the &; After appears once Yang Kui, added: & other; Because she is not wordy, not mothering, dare to the old man drinking with us, and is a white wine. Of course she had much to drink, also never drunk. Because the old man never vomiting-inducing toasts, are all self control. Throughout the &;

said to the old man impression of chai jing, & other; Boring, do not love to play & throughout; , Yang Kui popped up two words, & other; She likes kept asking, not vague underground conclusion. For example to so-and-so writing is not good, she will ask why is not good. Because he was so lyrical, she asked: why lyric is bad. Throughout the &; At once Yang Kui new book conference, chai jing had him to ask a few questions meng. & other; Sometimes asked very vexed, but her the detailed inquiry also help promote my thinking. Throughout the &;

in the eyes of friends milre, chai jing people as the name implies, very quiet. She would like to chat with you, but seldom tell jokes, she will accompany you to drink, but when everyone drink down, would help you to pick up. To “see”, is the most touched of milre few details of the book, the SARS period, chai jing alone in isolation wards, before entering the room, she turned her head, smiled to you, this scene was put a lot of time on TV, the thin girl who is full of positive energy.

the Capricorn woman chai jing

ferment three years writing a book,

also in printing the modify

“saw” is the result of chai jing brewing for three years. Before writing a book, her biggest concern is a reporter wrote in the book so much & other; I & throughout; If wrong, old six is said is not written & other; I & throughout; Is that you write is & other; People throughout the &; . Old man gave her a lot of advice, and Yang Kui also has participated in the editing work. This book is different people so chai jing called mutually promote complete results.

MouSen said chai jing had not thought about a book, you will really, he is in with these literati friends dinner, was suggested and persecuted, & other; For chai jing, write a playscript with stage directions, the news, do a good job of seeding, her work has been done very well, she believes is a television personality, is a reporter, book it is far away from her. Throughout the &; Although there is no book of this plan, but chai jing is a man of heart, in your life as a friend, MouSen habit of chai jing know: & other; Now very few people keep a diary, chai jing is a. She would like to experience and feeling into words, each time to finish a program she can write blog. Throughout the &;

chai jing creation “saw”, the computer next to a letter which stick MouSen: & other; Do you want to write a book or a collection? If it is a book, and so have the structure of the book. Throughout the &; A lot of friends think including MouSen chai jing not put the book collection of blog, let them see as a result, chai jing rather than lazy, but beyond their imagination.

& other; She really gave the book to tired. Throughout the &; Yang Kui one expresses the chai jing for this effort. & other; Chai jing is a Capricorn, the character axis, she is that behind closed doors will be pulled up inside the door. On the surface looks, she is the sort of answer up, special occasion. In fact, chai jing in the book, spent a lot of work, this is all we have witnessed. Throughout the &; In front of the book, the old man advice: this book to have new things, not just before the collection of the blog. Just last summer, he took a photograph Chen Xiaoqing: chai jing is face, Yang Kui back of the head. Chai jing in the photo on weibo announced new book will be published. But until November this year, this book has been to send factory before printing, she also in constant change, publishing houses, such as urgent. & other; Change it to the later we are bored, said her & lsquo; You want to be a writer, you a host, you will not demanding too much for you words. & rsquo; Throughout the &; Three years in the middle of the night she was busy work on one thing: correcting helpless pain. Yang Kui their hands until later, already with a draft first saw has the difference, the former three chapters or even completely rewritten.

writer chai jing

“saw” beyond the celebrity book,

narrative literature both van

report also allusions

“see” the first printed five hundred thousand copies, refresh the record of book publishing, shenzhen signings signed four thousand copies a day. Someone with & other; A terrible fire & throughout; To describe chai jing. Done Yang Kui published nearly 20 years in this, that famous book in the 1990 s have resource depletion, for press, chai jing is a good resource of celebrities published. Press has been around, she also did not promise. Did not write until three or four years ago. In addition, chai jing fan are part of the group of buying books. The process of waiting, like hunger therapy, make the book until the last appeared & other; The outbreak of & throughout; .

writer li believes that this is not only book television host, brought new content to literature. & other; Chai jing is a very artistic person, every blog posts to separate out to see her very well. Beyond the general essayist, novelist. Her clean language, is a reportage narrative. She seldom use long sentences, are short term rapid statements, between rhythm and literature found a very good point. Throughout the &;

MouSen thinks, after SARS, chai jing is widely concerned. His earliest contact chai jing text from the newspaper, when he and chai jing published the same newspaper column, the name of the two people often are not far apart, MouSen will see chai jing article, then exclamation: & other; Good job! Throughout the &; Chai jing, he argues, is a man of great planning, have the habit of keeping a diary, writing blogs. Each finished program, writing an article. Spanning 10 years, the contents of the diary, blog is the accumulation of material.

reporters chai jing

she is very hard to oneself, all

choice is to do a good job

known, literary youth, beauty, opinion leader & hellip; & hellip; Chai jing have a lot of titles, and in Yang Kui view, she chose all things is to do a good job & ndash; & ndash; A reporter, and make great efforts. A man more than ten years to do one thing earnestly, in the end it will become rich content.

MouSen also directly use & other; She was a reporter & throughout; To sum up. & other; She is a reporter a will do the job well, don’t want to do the opinion leader, don’t even want to influence others with their own thinking. MouSen said, & other; Small wood every time a result & lsquo; Bureau & rsquo; Just talk about business, and unhealthy tendencies. She is tolerant to the world, country, and fighting for his people. Some people including me, it’ll swear, but small wood is never so. Small wood is very hard, but she is hard on themselves. Throughout the &;

& other; Indeed, chai jing when writing this book, just an attitude on that & ndash; & ndash; She values for journalists is much higher than the identity of the writer. Throughout the &; Yang Kui believes that this is 36 years old age should be content, sharp words said calmly.

li think it more than ten years in the Chinese media is impetuous and highly entertaining, and chai jing as a journalist, however, is an exception. Media people’s spirit, she inherited 1980 s responsible, have sense of responsibility, news her show focus on the people, for the most vulnerable people emotion. In the case of readers to the media of people, such as chai jing media will become a social positive energy. Reporter Deng Yan shao’s