Fuwa all 10 centimeters gourd.before 108 will have into the bing xin’s prose (FIG.)


LangZhiLi works – gourd” the water margin one hundred single eight “


LangZhiLi – walnut ocean’s eighteen

LangZhiLi works – gourd “journey to the west”


the lang interview “account: when bing xin to LangShaoAn asked, & other; You are now DaiTu? Throughout the &; He pointed to the little girl standing at the desk, said: & other; She is my apprentice, also is my daughter. Throughout the &; Later, it is the little girl became & other; The lang & throughout; The important heritage, as early as 1995 awarded by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization & other Folk craft artist & throughout; The title. She, is today’s angelic LangZhiLi.

the little girl is the master of the texts

into LangZhiLi less spacious home, near a wall and stand a palm red glass always stands out: here were filled with the masterpiece of her since his retirement in 1992, street life, folk stories, the story from literature & hellip; & hellip; In the hands of LangZhiLi become each given & other; Throughout life &; In the works. & other; This “yuan spring mothering” is a big scene work & throughout; , follow the LangZhiLi gestures, 15 expression distinct characters and flourishing background decoration, immediately brought people to the symbol of the prosperity of Jia Fu, even details such as screen, furniture, carpet, with a fine. LangZhiLi said, the scene of the hand warmer, palace lantern can be lighted, kneading characters a share for more than 20 days, and gathered up all sorts of Settings will take longer, need to find carefully.

filed found that LangZhiLi said, in the life more careful attention to become their own faults. & other; And family to eat, you eat seafood shellfish is lost, I will give them back up again, finally make a shell guanyin. Have nothing to do, I always like to look in the small market, finally collected a lot of clutter. Throughout the &; LangZhiLi famous masterpiece, gourd, “the water margin one hundred single eight”, comes from an occasional inspiration.

& other; A Sir And I went to my friend’s house, the family of the gourd grow very well, when he left a friend brought us two. On the way home, I will consult with Mr The gourd can do. Throughout the &; In the end, the hoist is broken into two and a half, in 10 centimeters square bottle gourd belly, made “the water margin one hundred single eight”. & other; To put 54, as well as rocks, trees, flowers and plants, adorn in the middle, the last use of gourd handle natural form, as a pair of cranes of language. Throughout the &; So, LangZhiLi break the limitation of traditional cassette fuwa, injected new life into the ancient the art form, on the space for setting the plot increased and a possibility. The older generation was once a dough figurine in walnuts inside, LangZhiLi can put & other; 18 arhats & throughout; , & other Twelve flora & throughout; Inside, in such a narrow space, make many foreigners called & other; God made man & throughout; .