Gao Jianqun new aim for the Nobel Prize for literature or last-ms munro (FIG.)

Gao Jianqun: in the process of the publication of series wancheng, originally wanted to call “the last king of the huns,”

history always has its own cycles, 1993, 39, Gao Jianqun introduced novel “the last hsiungnu, every open & other; ShanJun Crusades & throughout; , the department of the book is written the huns; First time in 20 years, 59, he launched a new “series wancheng”, the famous literary critic lee deeply regrets: after having seen the original & other; This writer, born under Gao Jianqun is in order to make his writing “series wancheng”. It will achievement Gao Jianqun literature peak. Throughout the &; The evaluation so high, let a person of the book is full of expectation. “Series wancheng” recently launched by the white culture &arts publishing house, yesterday in Beijing held a grand launch, the reporter also to peep “series wancheng” in the first time the great & other Team & throughout; , no exaggeration to say that this is a novel with epic temperament. Yesterday, Gao Jianqun accepted our reporter an exclusive interview in Beijing.

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& other; Show the node in the history of civilization throughout the &;

in 2009, Gao Jianqun launched his dedication to the birthplace of the guanzhong plain river novel “great plains”, when accepting a reporter to interview he revealed the novel is the dove moro what great biography, but after four years, Gao Jianqun holds out the series wancheng. He said: & other; In writing the dove moro what great biography, inevitably mentioned series wancheng, because dove moro’s father was the establishment of a new qiuci beside series wancheng countries, the research history, I suddenly found that five hu during the period full of stories, and all of the founders of the wancheng xiongnu Wang He even is a man of the story, and found the dove moro what is good for China, and Hector alive and even China is a great evil, both of them are almost the same time, are important in the history of civilization, the Chinese nation are put together to write will have a wonderful effect. Throughout the &; Gao Jianqun said of the Chinese nation civilization has two important node, a nation is the huns relics, & other; This is a powerful nation, north xiongnu even almost conquered Rome, and south hsiungnu once took civilization ancient capital of changan, suddenly disappeared in the stage of history, this is a turning point in the history of civilization; And another point is that Chinese Buddhism into China, from theravada Buddhism to the mahayana Buddhism to complete the transformation, in the central plains under the root. Throughout the &; And the representative figure of the two nodes are about even and dove moro, the former created the last glory of the huns, completed the national integration; The latter is called the Oriental civilization, chassis, the Taoism, and Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism confluence. & other; 2013 is the dove moro’s 1600th birthday, in 2019, is about the 1600th anniversary of the birth, they are all vivid historical figures, I is to show the Chinese nation the important periodic history. Throughout the &;

novel in the process of publishing, originally wanted to call “the last king of the huns, but eventually named” series wancheng “after launch. Gao Jianqun said: & other; Series wancheng is the huns this ever shake the foundations of eastern civilization and western civilization nomadic people to stay in the ground buildings in the world, heard that series wancheng has now been established as the world cultural heritage, I think from the cultural sense, series of wancheng even more than the importance of some of the big city. With the above-ground buildings named after, show the node of the Chinese nation, I think more majestic. Throughout the &;

from “huns” to “series wancheng”

& other; This is the last song sound & xiongnu nation throughout;

reporter get through this work, the author seems to be incarnate in the book a female shaman, murmured, similar to & other; I killed a hero, I ended an era & throughout; . Everywhere it with epic of the nature of language. Novel coordinating editor, taibai literature and art publishing house, deputy chief editor Han Ji hong said: & other; The term to describe many works with epic, think the grand narrative is epic, and the book from form to content is epic, the author from the first song to eighty-one songs, chanting slowly, very powerful. This is absolutely a alone. Throughout the &; Gao Jianqun himself said: & other; See the work you will understand, the original is not the so-called epic epic, it is a similar to Homer, Dante, the divine comedy, pushkin, such as the captain’s daughter, is the last sound the huns ethnic song. Throughout the &;

there said “series wancheng” can match the last the huns, but Gao Jianqun did not agree with, & other; Is more than the last hsiungnu, at that time me from heaven, overlooking the earth bearing haven’t reach mellow road, but now I have enough mellow. In the process of writing this book, I am full of passion, every day light a wick sweet, accompanied by a curled up cigarettes, you are as powerful as if the romantic knight, and of the author’s writing is concise and powerful. This is a work of eastern and western readers should read because the huns ethnic in the part of the east and the west are not to be ignored in the history of civilization, I wrote this book is in the dialogue with the world. Throughout the &;

the last the huns and the great plains was published, critics evaluation & other; Half good novel & throughout; The first half of the gas, the second half. But in Han Ji rainbow eye, the situation in the series wancheng never exist. Gao Jianqun said: & other; The two works because I narrative to the second half, perspective has changed, if I want to have the energy to rewrite the great plains, so after two-thirds of part, will add more folk perspective, this feeling will not exist. Throughout the &;

Gao Jianqun why not passionate about the huns? His answer is still romantic: & other; Last year I went back to the original as a soldier in xinjiang, and saw the distant White House, I feel the diastolic opened every pore. Originally their years of heroism complex never disappear, I liked the way Homer heroism, like the feeling of is riding a horse, even the hero finally ended in tragedy. Throughout the &;