Germany’s 79 – year – old man “feed” with Wolf Wolf embodiment and 29 beast

Germany 79 - year - old man & other; With wolves eat meals & throughout; Wolf embodiment and over 29 beast

these wolves are young when they contact with Werner, in the heart of its existing identity.

according to the British “daily mail” website reported on January 27, German man Werner & middot; In has in Florida, a set of & other; With wolves eat meals & throughout; Photo across the network. In the photo, Werner with wolves eat raw meat, not only is for & other; Wolf & throughout; , majestically over these in the eyes of the world is full of wild and fierce ferocious wolves.

, 79, Werner was a paratrooper, retired city in southwest Germany MEL merzig lived for more than 40 years, the wolves kept 29 during the Wolf. In decades, Werner not only gradually understand the life of the Wolf, is woven into the life of their community, set up their own absolute authority, has become a well-deserved & other; Wolf & throughout; .