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all Japanese judo union says the museum, a couple is training. Han Shengbao taken

Beijing, Tokyo, May 30 (Reuters) : Japanese judo and sun tzu’s the art has the indissoluble bond

reporter Han Shengbao sun ran

reporter arrived at the Tokyo all Japanese judo union says pavilion, there are eight floors, maintains an elderly, youth, women’s and so on, occupies a floor for the locker room alone, in strict accordance with the judo hierarchies, accommodation also account for a floor, judo athletes reception at home and abroad. Archive shows the pavilion on the development process, as well as in the history of the most famous Japanese judo 19 players, photos and life also exhibited special Japanese & other; The father of judo & throughout; Governs the remains of five lang.

says museum was founded in 1882, founded by Gardner, in his grasp out & other; & with throughout; The secrets of the later, gradually developed its own set of judo techniques and theory. Staff gave reporters governs five lang’s calendar, he told the reporters, often held high-level game and seminars.

in the building of the seventh layer is the judo training and competition, eight layer is the audience. Reporter saw, old team and the youth team is training, each accounted for half of the scene. Players sometimes & other; Arm lock & throughout; , from time to time & other; The conjugate neck & throughout; , borrow the opponent’s strength and the hilt as far as possible, to adapt himself to the opponent and uniform opponent. In this method and behavior by Gardner summarized as: & other; Rivals push you when you pull him, opponents if you when you push him & throughout; . This is one of the tactical principle of Japanese judo, this & other; Make the force & throughout; In principle, with the grandson to fight in the proposed & other; From grain on enemy & throughout; , & other We eat on the enemy & throughout; Skillfully by enemy force is similar to the point of view.

according to introducing, the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo in judo classified as official event. Judo through the opponent fell to the ground and win the game, it is the only Olympic sport where allow choking opponent or breaking an arm. Judo is a kind of very strong antagonism of competitive sports, it emphasizes on the degree of adept skills to master, rather than the balance of power. This kind of competitive sports, is deep the Chinese sun tzu’s the art of the essence.

the spread of sun tzu in Japan has a long history, judo and sun tzu’s the art has the indissoluble bond. In the Japanese vocabulary, judo & other; Soft & throughout; , which means gentle, tender, soft and flexible way of competitive, its connotation and sun tzu’s the art & other; Soft – & throughout; , & other Yi sheng & throughout; Thought is consistent. Judo & other; Flexible namely power & throughout; And give technical technique, the principle of display & other Firments begets, such as a ring of endless & throughout; Secret, reflecting the & other; Thanks, thanks to its toll throughout the &; Deep, deduce out & other; After beginning as a virgin, such as tuotu & throughout; Wonderful.

according to the historical records, about in the year 720, Japanese pop like a sumo wrestling match, called & other; Body art & throughout; . Later because Japan is under the influence of Chinese philosophy, the Japanese people according to “the book of changes” and sun tzu’s the art & other; With soft system just & throughout; Theory, & other; Body art & throughout; Renamed & other; Jiu-jitsu & throughout; . This is called & other; Jiu-jitsu & throughout; The martial arts, is the development of Chinese boxing, and sun tzu’s the art far-reaching impact on Chinese martial arts.

boxing potential through art since ancient times, could not worth doing. In Tokyo GuWu institute covenant of a tablet, saying, & other; Chen Yuanyun blows the spread of the celebrities. Throughout the &; Chen Yuanyun is a Chinese martial-arts expert, he will be China’s traditional martial arts to the hula, become popular in modern world judo.

the Japanese art of war, experts say, a tactic of judo, its principle and sun tzu said & other; Avoid sharp blow inert & throughout; , & other To put to stay throughout the disorderly &; , & other To wait for breakdown & throughout; , & other Nearly stay far & throughout; , & other Reporting to law & throughout; , & other Be satisfied with hunger throughout the &; , as well as & other; Avoid its momentum, the idle return & throughout; And how similar. Sun tzu’s the art advocates & other; Yi sheng & throughout; To argue that intelligence with chocolate, to fight against brute-force and recklessly, show & other; Soft – & throughout; The characteristics of that. With “Sun tzu put forward, and be good at fighting, come early to avoid the enemy’s momentum judo tactics is waiting for the enemy morale negligent failure to beat him, won by the enemy and strength, and through to the enemy’s getting win.

think Japanese martial arts coach, & other; Conveniently pull him when pushed, pulled conveniently push him throughout the &; Tactics, reflected the judo & other; Make the force & throughout; The principle of. Judo is based on soft with just the unity of opposites, the technique to the strong advocates maintaining internal energy and try to relax your body state, use less as far as possible their own strength, and the use of your opponent’s strength to beat his opponent.