“God beast” was found in one thousand Suspected bing is one of five rhinoceros stone chisel

unearthed near tianfu square & other; In one thousand the beast & throughout; The rhinoceros or like? The tang dynasty and qin and han dynasties is belong to? Goalkeeper benevolent or used in water conservancy? Yesterday, chengdu, the archaeological team of staff for & other; The beast & throughout; On-site preliminary cleaning, from a number of heavyweight archaeological experts in sichuan also came to the scene for field trips. Today, the archaeological team of chengdu, chengdu institute of cultural relics and archaeology experts will hold a conference at the scene of the excavation and to uncover more mystery.

At the scene of the

god beast Have 3 meters long 8 tons

more than 11 o ‘clock yesterday morning, the original side & other; Lying & throughout; On the earth & other; The beast & throughout; With the help of the archaeological staff again & other; Stand & throughout; To get up. In order to prevent & other; The beast & throughout; Damage appeared in the process of roll over, the staff is also special in its waist circumference to the thick quilt. Are a rhinoceros or a lion, or like? & other; Stand & throughout; The straight & other The beast & throughout; Still let people hard to identity. See it tall, about 2 meters high, more than three meters long, according to preliminary estimates, the big guy to 8 tons weight. It is worth mentioning that the entire length of the head almost two-thirds were long, therefore, live many workers also cannot say exactly what kind of animal is it at the moment.

then, nearly ten clear responsible for cultural relics repair professionals, began to & other; The beast & throughout; On-site preliminary cleaning. Because stay underground for too long, & other The beast & throughout; Surface has been attached to the thick layers of different kinds of soil. & other; The beast the material selection of the quality of a material is not too hard red sandstone, if using spatula will hurt the beast surface & throughout; , so the staff changed into the bamboo piece carefully clean up again. Because & other; The beast & throughout; Height is higher than the average adult height, therefore, the staff in cleaning up its back clay, must also be on bench to complete.

the left waist why there are many small groove?

according to the archaeological researchers speculate that it was built in the 1970 s, bell tower foundations, hit the beast’s mouth below the ground. Due to the constraints, the cultural relics in situ backfill, beast’s side also therefore covered by cement and leave a mark.

more answer to a riddle announced today

was born when?

according to the archaeological team leader of chengdu, chengdu institute of cultural relics and wang yi, according to preliminary judgment according to the experts, & other; The beast & throughout; S & other; May be in the eastern han dynasty before & throughout; .

what is the role?

& other; The beast & throughout; Whether it’s & other; Bing water conservancy used one of the five stone rhinoceros & throughout; ?

wang yi said that whether the relation with Li Bingyou, experts and scholars to do further research, and other But the round stone carvings are extremely rare in China’s current found, perhaps this is the first ever discovered in sichuan s large round stone carvings. It should be related to suppress the water god beast. Throughout the &;

where home?

& other; The beast will be placed in its place? Throughout the &; & other; The beast will be on public display on the city? Throughout the &; In view of the public concern, wang said: & other; Experts and scholars will also be the beast’s in-depth archaeological research, as to the whereabouts of it in the future, it remains to be further research, the conclusion before you make the arrangements. Throughout the &; In accordance with the relevant provisions, in & other; The beast & throughout; Cultural level is not finalized, the whereabouts of it is still questionable.