Good master of the republic of China “spoof” : zhang binglin mocking wu ting-fang is wu3 da4 lang2

Chinese traditional learning and wu ting-fang master zhang binglin, are the people of the republic of China, because of the differences, after too specialize in learning, while the katyn fang in his, hence two people go their separate ways.

11 years of the republic of China, wu ting-fang died, his son WuChaoShu hasten to go to Shanghai to visit relatives and friends, natural zhang binglin visited your elders. WuChaoShu description about his father’s illness is because & other; To run late prime minister, on the day of Hong Kong guangdong everywhere, henceforth JiaoLao, so that dense deposit disease, and within ten day, weigh, white a lot. Throughout the &; But say with smile: chapter & other; A white night zhao guan, this case is king of the home. Throughout the &; Then it comes to prepare cremation, wu said, & other; My late father gave commandment not dare breach, in Europe and the United States is very normal, in our country belongs to the original. Throughout the &; Zhang binglin said with a smile: & other; Our goal of an ancient, wu3 da4 lang2 cremation also. Throughout the &; WuChaoShu in distress situation.

the next day, zhang binglin sent people to send a pair of memorial wu ting-fang elegiac couplet, more vicious, lian yue: & other; A night became a man, is difficult from east gao and ahead; Long stay schoolroom, without the west door celebrate to spend money. Throughout the &; This pair of couplets are playful ingredients, but such & other; A spoof & throughout; Who has gone, it is honest.

and too inflammatory & other; A spoof & throughout; Can a ratio is his house disciple Huang Kan.

at a dinner party, occasionally talk of mohist, Huang Kan side scold a way: & other; ‘people speak now, is all some fucking bastard! Throughout the &; Hu shi impressively. For yellow and scold a way: & other; Is the optimum of weng, is fucking bastard! Throughout the &; Hu shi unbearable, is to attack, but laugh of huang said: & other; Try and calm down, I am in you, mozi universal love, is a father also. You now have a father, to talk about mozi? I am not scold you, try the ears of the chat! Throughout the &; Hu shi was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

with Huang Kan & other; A spoof & throughout; Have the same effect is wu.

one year in a phonetic law unification in the meeting, vice President of ‘invention of phonetic alphabet is not adopted, called chairman wu & other face to face; Old bastard, only smirked, nonsense, did it ever know of phonetic words! Throughout the &; Tense, wu language speaking out of turn slowly returned: & other; Mr. Wang, you are wrong, or losing your marbles? Childish across my name is wu, and does not name is wang, not your family also. Throughout the &; Drew his laugh.

is really from the romantic to celebrities, master of these & other; A spoof & throughout; Although have banter, but all was the stuff of their true temperament.