Graduation from the university of conjoined twins will let teachers pay a two people (FIG.)


conjoined twins, minn Abby and Brittany (web screenshot)

international online features: according to the BBC website on April 24, the United States, Minnesota Abby (I) and Brittany (Brittany Hensel) is a pair of conjoined twins. The two sisters have been actively lived together for 23 years, has now graduated from the university of California, Berkeley, and obtain the teaching certificate, is about to teach in a primary school math.

according to the report, although they are two taught, both of them have qualification, but can only get a salary, but said they don’t care about money, two people can share their knowledge with children is very satisfied.

Brittany said: & other; When we were in the class, one can teach, another person can monitor student or answer questions from the students so that we can do more than one. Throughout the &;